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    Carrow slapped his hand to his face loud enough for it to be heard throughout the room and started shaking his head while Brooklyn got that little tirade out of her system. Two rookies, and they were both so self-righteous. Sing had his holier-than-thou enlightenment shtick, and the girl was an entitled brat throwing out accusations left and right. Great. Honestly, the Agent was surprised that Benoit didn't just kick all three of them out then and there.

    He was surprised to find the harshest objection to come from Eerie, though. The way the witch laughed sent an involuntary shudder down his spine, and he was so very glad not to be in the little blonde's shoes...or Landry's, for that matter, as he saw any attempt for the rakish man to compromise get soundly swatted down by the intimidating woman. How in the world did these two even live together without a murder taking place?

    Carrow wisely held his tongue throughout, knowing nothing good would come from butting his two cents into this conversation. Most of it was just between their two hosts...there was an odd dynamic there, that was sure...he supposed the proximity and the solitude with one another had brought that about. He and his wife had argued so similarly before she'd finally ditched him for good. Whatever prior relationship these two had, it seemed profoundly unhealthy on both ends. But then again, most were.


    Kasimir didn't waste a second standing up and doing what he had been told needed to be done, collecting the last few dishes from the table and heading to the sink. Even Brooklyn herself seemed surprised, as if she hadn't actually expected her outburst to actually have an effect on any of them. But the Sikh had himself half-a-lifetime of sins to make up for, and was ashamed to admit that he owed the most apology to the women he had used and left in the morning without a second thought.

    He tuned out as much of the quite personal conversation...or fight, whichever it was, it was hard to tell with people so...unpredictable, that Eerie and Landry had gotten themselves embroiled in, robotically washing and scrubbing without a trying to get a word in edgewise. He couldn't help but turn and stare at the witch when she found a way to toss ever more unmasked flirtation in his direction. Rather than take the teasing in stride, like he had thus far, his soft amber eyes narrowed and hardened at the woman beside him, staring intensely, and not in the playful way he had before.

    Kasimir knew when he was being used for something, it had happened to him all his life. First the gangs, then the military...he was a convenient blunt instrument to be thrown at other people's problems, and usually, he didn't care.. Now he was being used some more, this time to get under someone's skin...though he couldn't be sure weather the intended target was Landry, Brooklyn, or both. And he didn't like it one bit....even less because the temptation was very, very real. Just imagining Eerie all dressed up in one of those skimpy, silky faux french-maid getup's was enough to put some sweat on his brow. He and her might have to have a talk about that, or a fight if she tried to make it one. One look at the witch told him she was no innocent...probably never had been. She had the same hard killers-eyes he saw looking back at him from the mirror each morning. He'd like to say he wasn't looking forward to the confrontation, but he'd be lying if he did.

    But now wasn't the time for that, so after she not just asked, but ordered him out of the kitchen, he glanced from the alluring woman to the small girl who'd managed to draw her ire, decided there was no real danger there besides for hurt feelings on Brooklyn's part, and went back to the table to take his seat without a word. He felt a bit of guilt at the way the little blonde looked up at him as he went, hope turning to disappointment as she realized he wasn't jumping to her rescue this time, following the witches orders instead. Not getting involved just seemed like the safest move for everyone here.


    When Eerie laughed at her, Brooklyn looked back at her aghast, like she'd been slapped. What the woman said made sense, it turned out this was an egalitarian household after all. If that. As she went on, it felt more and more like the diminutive witch was running things. A part of her had a firm respect for that girl-power, another woman running the show...but honestly, the blonde wondered if that label even applied to Eerie. For all she knew, the 'weapon' didn't consider herself much of a human at all.

    And then, before she even got the chance to defend herself, the conversation rolled right past her and became a private affair between their two hosts. Apparently, the 'shut-in' as she described him in her indignation, had even more problems than showed on the surface, and insomnia was one of them. Brooke could sympathize...she had trouble slowing her own brain down enough to get a good nights rest, usually finding herself still online at three in the morning, body tired, mind awake. There was always more to people than they let on.

    For once tonight, instead of just embarrassed, Brooklyn felt extraordinarily guilty....she'd judged too quickly, and too harshly. She didn't know these people any more than they knew her, and it wasn't as if either of them had got up this morning expecting to be hosting three strangers for the foreseeable future. Brooklyn supposed she could some little things slide while everyone was still getting their bearings, and so she dutifully returned to the sink at the shorter, wiser woman's instruction. The washed and rinsed in silence for a moment before the blonde managed to get a word out.

    "I'm sorry I'm being such a pain tonight, but this is all just....overwhelming. I thought I had my head on straight when I said yes to the Agent, but I guess it took actually getting here, meeting you two and all the crazy that's happened since for it to really sink in. This is my life now, and I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing with it." The blonde stated somberly...she was only now beginning to grasp just for deep over her head the water was here, and that she'd jumped in without a lifejacket or even knowing how to swim. That was going to have to change, or there was no way any of the rest of them would want to keep her around.
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    The Soldier’s look was not lost on her, firing one back in his direction in the same way. Hers however, was far more playful. That had gone exactly as she planned, she could see it in his eyes. Perfect, a little fun teasing was never a bad thing. Letting out a slight chuckle as the men left, she turned back towards the dishes. Good, he hadn’t gotten too far before she’d intervened. There was still time to relax before this inevitably became too real for the group.

    Quiet laid over the working pair, that was until the girl spoke up. The witch happily listened. Hm, this was exactly what she wanted to hear. It was an apology and explanation. It was adequate considering she wasn’t in too much trouble, just needed a bit of reigning in, much like her younger companion had when he was a bit younger. They were all in a new sort of situation, she seemed genuinely remorseful of the situation, So all was good.

    Drying her hand on her shirt, she moved and put a warm hand on the girl’s back, patting it softly, reassuring, albeit a little scary considering just how authoritative she had just been. The icy look she’d given her and the ginger had softened, returning to the gentle smirk from before. The girl was a fish out of water, floundering like crazy and trying to get a handle on things. Oh, how it reminded her of herself all those years ago, just after it’d all happened. Well... to tease her in front of everyone else so openly, perhaps she’d been too harsh... No harm done. Setting those deep lines was important.

    “No harm done, Little miss. Just had to stop you before you let those ideas of yours settle. Besides, I’m sure red is just as stressed as the lot of you. My fault entirely. Just give it a bit of time. It’s overwhelming and different, but you’ve got some bite, and some backbone. You’ll be fine.” Assured the woman before she moved to grab the gumbo pot, dishing up the remainder into glass dishes and sealing them before setting the pot in the sink and scrubbing away. “...You have to have bite and a spine for this job. It’s not pleasant, it’s not easy, and there’s risks involved. Lots of them. But, There’s reward too. Just keep your chin up. you’ll find your legs soon enough.”

    With the girl’s help, they soon finished, the nicely cleaned dishes stored in the drying rack to the side. Thanking the girl, Eerie went to retrieve her coffee before a familiar throat being cleared caught her attention. Leddy stood at the kitchen archway, watching the two of them for who knows how long. Damn, he was quiet. He simply gestured towards the living room. They’d spent enough time with girl talk, now it was time to get down to business.


    Not pleased with being bossed about like he was, but too tired to fight her off, Landry simply tossed the files down onto the coffee table, muttering to himself as he put out the last bit of his smoke in the ashtray and looked about. He needed to move a few things, and just after he’d finally gotten it ready for a pow wow of sorts. But that was when he thought he was getting experienced men and women. Now, now he needed move things to be a bit more... open. Pull out his projector and use the white wall above the fireplace as a screen. Great. More work. He was too tired for this shit. Not that he was going to ask for help either. Fuckin’ didn’t need that nonsense.

    He seemed to be mapping things out in his mind, motioning things from place to place and muttering to himself. Any other day he’d have been less obvious, but he was less than with it. Perhaps the long days had finally taken it out of him. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he let out a huff of irritation. Who could blame him for not sleeping? What had come home the few days previous had nearly given him a heart attack. You think he’d be use to it, but seeing the state she was in without any sort of regard for the damage was always able to get him all sorts of fucked. There were still emotions attached there, even if things weren’t how they’d been those years back. He still relied on her, and she on him.

    Finally getting to the heavy mahogany chair he always sat on, he grumbled and pulled out another cigarette, his lighter finally retrieve, the strange symbols on it shining in the dim light of the fire as he lit the damn thing. It was a wonder he wasn’t dead of nicotine poisoning by this time in his life. Lord forbid any other monster got to him first. He tried to move the damn thing himself, curses spilling past his lips as he strained against it, teeth grit and face turning red from the strain.

    “Fuckin’ witch could have done this with her fuckin’ shadows in like two minutes but took the easy fuckin’ way out and did the god damn dishes with the little pipsqueak god DAMN this thing is heavy!” Snarled the man under his breath, lips moving too fast for anything to be really understood except the cursing at the damn chair. Thankfully, he managed to move it just out of the way and against the wall. Looking at the two gentleman, he motioned to the various resting spots. They could reat a bit while he set things up. His projector was easy enough to fish out, as with his laptop. Once that was set, he looked up to see if the girls were back. Nope. Not yet. Now he had to go and get them.

    Muttering the whole way, he leaned against the arch of the kitchen, waiting patiently until they’d gotten their asses in gear and moved out to the living room.


    Hips swaying as they always did, Eerie plopped herself down into Leddy’s chair. Watching him like a cat from the corner, her smirk grew more and more amused as he gave her a dirty look for trying to stir the pot. Now his chair? He hadn’t wanted to sit anyways. Though, perhaps that would have been the better option for this all. He was looking more and more haggard by the minute. Who know how long it’d be till he just dropped. Again.

    Letting them get settled between the love-seat and sofa, Leddy got himself set. Clearing his throat, he looked them all over and motioned for the witch to kill the lights. She happily did so, yet another show of her power, the shadows licking at the dimmer till they were nice and low, leaving nothing but the fire to light the home.

    Swirling his glass about, Benoit looked between the lot of them. There were a few questions he had to have answered before he got into this. If he was to do this as cleanly as possible, he needed to know where they were at. Carrow he knew, with their discussions he’d gleamed he’d been taking on lower level hunts, things that were far more corporeal and hunted alone. But these two kids? He didn’t know squat except they were hellishly under-informed. And being uninformed was dangerous for all parties informed.

    “ Pipsqueak, Singh. Before we get into this, I gotta ask. Just what DO you know about all this... nonsense. I need to know, otherwise this is gonna sound a helluva lot worse than it already does.” Started the man in a rather calm, even tone, motioning his glass towards the old agent before continuing. “ Carrow, you and I have already had it out. But I wanna hear from these two. What exactly have you been told. One at a time, I don’t need this headache getting any worse. Just what have you seen. What have you done.”
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