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Thread: Serious Fairy tails. (P.K. X CF)

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    The three girls listened quietly. "Well some magic requires study and time." Amil said more quietly. "But more often then not it seems to come more natruly to cretin individuals. But not all, there are plenty of people who don't use magic of any kind." She shrugged and continued to walk until Samuel mentioned gifts. "What? But we..." She paused. That was kind of out of the blue. She watched with a strange curiosity as he dug things out of the bag.

    "Whoa." Resa said carefully taking the rapier. It felt so foreign in her hands as she looked at it. "Really? moonlight." she whispered inspecting the weapon carefully. but it was a sword. how cool! "Thank you!"

    Dusty took the stone curiously, cocking her head as he explained what it was to do. "Clean thoughts." She repeated as she inspected the stone with a strange mixture of curiosity and uncertainty a strange sense of discomfort surrounding her but she didn't refuse it and quietly said her thanks.

    Amil blinked taking the pendent for a moment and looking at it carefully. "periapt of health..." She trailed off, a strange feeling over coming her for a moment before she looked to Samuel. "Thank you." She said slowly. She couldn't help but wounder what this could do for her condition now... if anything. On the other hand... could it suppress motion sickness?. She carefully put the pendent on, watching it hang for a moment before she turned. "We should keep going. We've still got a request to fulfill and an hour to go before we get to the guild."
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    "Give me eleven minutes and we won't have to walk." He says looking around at the trees. He begins chanting and gesturing, waving and moving...and then ten minutes later trees start to explode into a swarm of splinters, before reforming into a carriage before them, all made of wood.. "It needs cushions and curtains, but it works. He then makes more gestures and chants, and a minute later, a ghostly horse appears, which he connects to the carriage via harnesses made of woven plant fibers. Afterwards he makes a motion and a command, and then says. "Be our carriage driver." e says, as somehow, the reins of the carriage get raised up. He climbs in the carriage and sits down. "Well, get in. You go with me and you travel in style." When they get in he would command the unseen force to start driving toward the city.

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