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    Default Looking some opinions

    I have started tabletop version of same game I tried to start here too where as I call is bit of relationship soup cooking up.

    Character A (C - A) is a young man who is/was engaged to Character B (C - B. This couple ended up into great accident and was separated so that neither of them had any possibility to find each other, yet they know that the other one is alive somewhere. (by piece of artifact they shared before the accident)

    Several years passed:

    After the Accident C - A had been adopted into a new family and taken as one family member there. The C - A have also been fortunate and became a successful career man where C - B just managing woman who works low paid job enough to get food but not permanent house (and forced to move all the time)

    Now C - A is having his 30th birthday nearing as his foster father approaches him. He tells his son that his sibling (younger than C - A) and the only biological son of the family had fallen ill/gotten otherwise grave situation and his survival is unsure. Since neither of the sons are/ were unmarried and the culture practically requires a male heir it's the obligation of C - A to finally find himself a spouse.
    C - A still aware of existence of C - B (and vice versa) have to now decide what shall he do. He have spent at least decade trying to look his lost fiance with no success. And now he is told to marry in 1 month.

    C - B on the other hand had is trying to get rid of a Demon possessing her friend who threatened her: "If you cast me away I make it happen that on that very instance I make your so called fiancee to fall in love and marry another woman and he will never gives another view towards you"

    In the cultural side C - A lives in country where polygamy is accepted but their original culture does not approve. (C - B is not aware of this)
    Also C - A and and C - B share a piece of magical artifact which will show to both parties

    - Any relationships (serious ones, like romance) the character is having including are they single, engaged, married etc
    - Their and any related people as mentioned above physical health condition, including possible pregnancies of female part.

    Before i throw this dilemma to the players I thought to ask it here how you would see or wish it to turn out.
    1. How you would suggest C - A to do. (in his heart he wants to stay loyal to C - B
    2. If C - A would marry another woman because his obligation to his new family, how you would see the reaction of C - B and their relation if / when by mere luck they accidentally and finally meet 6 months after the wedding.

    If anyone wanna RP C - B this scenario and see where it goes im open also for that.
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