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    Time stopped.

    Stepping through a shimmering portal, Mistress Moon entered the arena, her head cocking ever so slightly as she gazed at the two fighters. The Samurai’s weapon was posed only a mere millimeter from the Raider’s skin and she smiled widely, her teeth showing in her delight. There was blood spilled on the floor...and on the men themselves...and as she walked around them, she let her fingers glide across their wounds, her touch leaving behind a trace memory of heat.

    They were both fine fighters and she eagerly awaited bringing one of them into her fold. Unlike the first round, there was no Kraken to take away her prize. One man would join her army and serve her. It was a pity the Purgament only happened once a year...her horde was always in need of healthy specimens.

    With a laugh, Moon turned away from the scene, leaving a bloody handprint on the wall as she stopped any further movement on its part. Already the men fought closely, so much so they would find it difficult to escape each other’s weapons. Her wait was almost over...only one round before her decision would be made. Into the portal she returned, the candles flickering as it closed, leaving behind the faint hint of decaying leaves.

    As time returned to normal, the samurai’s blade met its mark, much to the enjoyment of the shadowed entertainer. His dance intensified...the disembodied voices screamed in approval...and each fighter felt a surge of adrenaline unlike anything they had ever experienced, filling them with renewed energy and blood lust.

    …’fight to the death’...echoed in each of their heads.


    One post each remains. Fight well...and enjoy your demise!

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    Ingo's eyes widened at the man corkscrewed his way andas he brought up the axes to defend there was a moment he didnt expect and while time froze it was a flash before his eyes, the blade met its mark driving deep in his shoulder. Grimacing and shouting in pain the gnome gritted his teeth and let forth a battle cry, pushing, driving the blade deeper and to the hilt, he let the pain surge as he brought both axes up.

    Pulsing with pain, pulsing with energy he could hear the words echoing with the beat of the music, or was the beat the invisible men cheering? He wasnt sure, yet as his blood pumped angrily, and hisnheart beat it found a match. 'Fight...To...The...Death...' it repeated each eord with each beat and with a haymaker style, Ingo brought the blades down aiming to cross the Samurai's form with both the blades and to split him to pieces. As the blades came down he drowned out the pulding words with his battle cry.

    One axe...

    Two axe...
    4-6 hit
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    Another voice joined the one present in his head, and Masamune didn't so much as flinch. Instructions that detail the core of combat seem insignificant next to the near constant demand for blood. Still Kano stumbled as he landed, his teeth gritting as the axe slashed just below the samurai's ribcage. Kano wasn't sure of the amount of damage, and it mattered little as he could still fight.

    The samurai shifted his feet and turned his blade, thrusting the tip for the shorter man's face. The feint became obvious when the tip of the blade dropped. Spinning in Kano's hand, the blade surged around and Masamune savagely swung his blade down aiming at the point where neck met shoulder. The voices demanded blood and death, and the Oni chose to deliver.

    4-6 hits
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