For a woman who often complained about wishing to be outside of the manor, one would think she would be happier about being outside. But she wasn't. Not like this. The point of being outside the manor was to get away from the nightingales. Alec's presence was ruining everything about exploring the nightlife.

They had went to a few stores that were open yet- Alec had even picked out a dress for her at one of them. He claimed she would need it when the next gathering- an event in which vampire families of importance gathered for a night of festivities- came around. After that they had went to a restaurant- though she ate hardly anything. She had ate earlier, plus there was something just...wrong about watching Alec eat normal food. From there he decided they should take a stroll through the local park- more of a public garden, really.

" and that's how Ms. Margaret Smith became known as the lady of the wine." Alec had finished, having been telling her a story of how some women became known as 'the queen of wine' at the restaurant they had been at. " It really was a shame you didn't get a chance to meet her tonight, I do believe you would have found her quite funny. Nonetheless, you have been enjoying yourself, yes? This night has turned out to be rather nice. There's not a single cloud to seal the stars away, and the weather is neither hot nor cold. Even the wind has stilled.

" Yes, the night has been most...interesting." she spoke, a sad look crossing over Alec's face. " I know that tone. You hated everything, didn't you?"

Hurriedly she corrected herself, changing her tone. " No no no, I had fun, I assure you! I'm just...not used to socializing with so many people at once, is all. You know I don't do well in crowds." It was the truth. The night had, surprisingly, been rather enjoyable. She just really, truly wished the night hadn't been with him.

Hm...ok, I'll believe you. That tone sounded truthful. You have to remember I've spent more time around you than the others- namely because I was only two years older than you when you got to the manor. I know when you're lying to me. Speaking of which..." he stopped walking, looking at her seriously. " I know you were hiding something outside your window the other night. I don't know who or what you were hiding...but be careful, alright? Even I can't help you if the others find out your hiding something."

It was difficult, but somehow she managed to keep a poker face at his words, though her mind was racing with numerous worries and concerns. She had thought she had mastered the art of deception...but then again, a master con artist know when they are being conned, while a normal person would simply fall for the act. Still, she tried to play it off naively. " Whatever do you mean? I'm no fool, and I've learned my lesson ages ago. I would never be so idiotic as to hide something from the Nightingales. "

Alec sighed, walking towards her, placing a hand on her face. "Please do not lie to me, Ophelia. I will not tell them. I just...I don't wish to see anything happen to you." he ran his thumb down her cheek before tilting her head up. " even an immortal would mourn for someone dear to them." and that's when it happened- Alec placed a gentle kiss upon her lips, one hand still on the side of her face, the other wrapped around her, resting at the small of her back.

It had taken her off-guard, and so she stood there still as stone, arms held slightly out from her sides. Though, from the wrong angle, it would appear ,to those who were in-the-know about his kind, as if he was choosing to feed from her.