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    Default Just Fun Society

    Hi all,

    I've written down a crazy view of the world , if society was nothing but fun.
    This game works as follows:
    1) you unfortunately(...but on the other hand also you can skip this thread from this point and avoid wasting your time...) will have to read the text in the link provided (21 pages but with pictures, cause it's fun!)
    2) you then think if anything is not included in the text with what you know = can imagine + have experienced in the past , which is not described truly, honestly and justly (or, in a fair manner if you prefer) in the text.
    3) you send us your feedback here, so that we can improve it
    4) Both good and bad feedback are welcome, but please, keep it classy
    my friend...
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    Hey, welcome to the forum.

    Your link to outside site source has been removed.

    Please view our site rules before posting.

    If you have any questions feel free to pm me or one of the staff members.

    Also, please provide more info about what this game is about.

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    I second that

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