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Thread: How do I join a roleplay?

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    Default How do I join a roleplay?

    Hi I am super new (but excited) to start roleplay. What is step 0?

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    Let me walk you through each step. I'm going to assume you're either using the desktop website or our web browser.

    Longer Version

    First, click on "forum." Scroll down to Roleplaying Forums and then you have quite a few options. If you want a group RP, let's look at the Fantasy section. There is currently one that says it's accepting. I'm not sure if it still is or not. Your best bet is to read through it and ask. You can ask if the OOC threads, such as this one, which means Out of Character. The game master will respond if you can join.

    There is also the Private section- which you can do a 1x1 with. Just you and one other person. It works the same. You can also create your own thread/RP, by posting in the OOC section of the genre you want.

    Now the best place to look is- the recruitment section. This is where RP's that haven't started are posted. There are tons that are there! Just click on one, read through the first post, and then let them know you're intrested. You can always ask for help- the game master (who is running that specific RP) should be willing to help, or you can reach out to any mod who is a person with a green, blue, or purple colored username if you have questions.

    Short Version

    Step 0 - Click on "forum" at the top banner
    Step 1 - Scroll down to roleplaying section
    Step 2 - Choose "RPG Recruitment" or Choose a section you want.
    Step 3 - Click on the OOC sub section or if in RPG Recruitment click on "RPG Requests and Recruitment"
    Step 4 - Find an OOC thread or anything in the "RPG Requests and Recruitment" that you like and ask if they're accepting
    Step 5 - If they are, the GM will tell you what to do. Maybe you'll need to make a character sheet.
    Step 6 - Do what the GM says to do. Make sure you follow any rules they have in place.
    Step 7 - After you do this and get the basics- you can create your own RP and be the GM. I suggest waiting to do this based on my own personal experience (I've been here eight years!)

    If you need help, ask any mod, or your average everyday Joe Omac.

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