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Thread: The Gods Themselves

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    Describe the sort of game you're looking for, maybe we can help you find it?
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    Years ago, when in school there were others I met with for playing tabletop D&D. This went on for a good long period, more than one among them leading it as DM in different sessions. I had planned to do so too. But as we finished school all these who I knew for playing this with left the area to live far apart. I never met others later on who would be into it. And this was before internet, and long before I was on internet. But I used creativity that helped to grow for use in my writing. But I would be happy to be involved in some playing activity in anything like that. I would say as I did elsewhere on here that the original play was with a DM who ran it as a godly game, this being that demons and evil forces were not glorified, my writing does not do that, and my sample with this creativity on my Facebook page does not have that either.

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