ello, i'm looking for someone to do a science fiction or fantasy roleplay. I have ideas, but I am open to ideas as well. Just DM me so we can talk it out.

I'd like my partner to be able to keep posts above 200+ words, though I understand that certain scenes will be shorter. That being said, I'd rather there be quality.

Here's a little information about me.

I usually do 1+ post per day, but if you canít do that, I totally understand.

I write third person, and typically double. I do any romantic pairings, but prefer platonic. I want our characters to work.

I do not do any sort of fandom roleplay. Please donít request that I play a human character.

Please do not poke / bump me every day. With that in mind, if I havenít answered for a couple of days and Iím clearly invested, I may have just accidentally read it and forgot to mark it as unread.

I am Ghost-Friendly.

I write anywhere from 200-1000 words. Depending on the scene, what Iíve got to work with, and my creativity.