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Thread: The Greed of the Seven Seas [M] [IC]

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    Captain V clapped her hands mockingly toward the young gentleman who flew down from the crow's nest. At least that's how V interpert this lanky and scrawny stow away on her ship. She knew from experience when people pretended to be something they were not. She couldn't help but to cock half a smile. "Bravo, great performance. I do give you credit for making yourself look weak so we underestimate you " She then removed her flask and tipped it toward the stranger like she was toasting to him. Then she took a nice long swig

    "Now I'm going to ask you once and don't bullshit me. It will be you versus me and my crew. Although I'm sure Blackfin could easily take you and eat you as a snack." She then took her cutlass and pointed the sharp edge very close to the individual. "Why are you on my ship and why shouldn't I kill you?"

    Before V could get an answer it seemed Dragon was acquaintced with this individual. The small child had flown over to her and bumped into her, as if greeting an old friend and trying to interact with her. This was the most animated and happy V had ever seen Dragon. V was about to drop her cutlass and accept this person until..

    The half orc woman instantly recognized this thief stow away as the one who had set her up. "Hey cap'n this is the person that bumped into me in the crowd and framed me for the broach! That little runt is what started the whole fight back at the docks!"

    V would never stand for someone trying to set up her crew to take the fall. This individual wasn't too smart to hitch a ride on the pirate ship they tried to frame.

    A low growl came from V's throat as she shot a warning. "Dragon get over here NOW! I do not care if you know this person. They framed my crew and tried to get away with it !" V felt her blood boiling and her temper was about to go off, already itching for another fight.

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    “Ah well shit,” Baez said, looking at the blade of the sword. She scanned the ship knowing there was no way she could fight or flee her way out of this. Which meant she was going to have to talk her way out of it and the odds of that weren't very good. At this point she knew she was screwed. He judgment had been off all day so why change now? “Is there an answer that doesn't get me run through?” Baez said, reaching out and touching the tip of the sword feeling that it was quite sharp. The captain took good care of her blade. “Cause frankly you aren't going to like the truth but what the hell here we go. I've been stuck in that god awful port for the last six weeks after getting thrown off my last ship. Moral of the story a privateer ship is not a good place for a thief. I've sold off anything of value while waiting for some kind of ship other than a fishing trolley to come in. To be honest I'm going insane in that backass port. It wasn't until that walking mountain practically ran me over that I realized there was a ship in port.” Baez said, knowing insulting the half orc woman probably was a bad idea but things didn't seem like they could get worse.

    “So I figured I could sneak aboard the ship and get the hell out of there. I started to head to the docks when that damn woman came by with her jewelry that was beyond temptation came by. The mountain of a woman happened to be there and I thought two birds one stone. I could get a little prize and a bit of revenge for being stepped on. You really should watch where you are going, it's rude not to.” Baez said, turning to the half orc woman then back to the captain. “Really I didn't think it would go that badly. A woman of your size and no doubt brute strength I thought you would lay a couple of guards out and make your way back to the ship. The entire city guard freaking out like that came out of nowhere. But hey ya all got out of there relatively unharmed.”

    She looked around the crew trying to see how her story was going but she couldn't judge the mood. Baez had a feeling this might be the end of her yet continued on. “So that's what happened. What can I say except today has turned out to be a very bad day mostly of my own making but that seems to be my life story. Why shouldn't you feed me to shark boy? I don't know but I could be use to you. A flyer can be useful on a ship. I can get places you can't reach without a lot of risk. I'm not half bad in a fight either. And I'm fluent in multiple languages. But whatever it's up to you.”
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