Jason smiled as she pushed him back , he could feel her strength in the push. She was owning up to the lioness nickname he gave her , not only in fear pride but strength. He swung his sword and around and block the attack to the side, his foot work got him to her side sliping behind her and.pulling her against his chest " you move like a dancer my lioness " he said and danced away from her again and swung to hit her side. " that foot work can keep you alive perfict for sword fighting " he said as his sword hit hers and flipped the blade from.her hand

He was enjoying him self, even with what ameila knew now she would be abel to defend her self well. He smiled picking her blade up and he'd it to her " your impressive allredy the only thing I've noticed is you need a ferm grip " he said shoing her with his hand " you want to hold it like your squeezing some ones hand your unimpressed with each time you go to block or hit" he said and showed her a few times. " get innto the habit and you'll never lose your blade " he said