It was a warm day at the palace, just warm enough to be uncomfortable. Lady Alyssa had spent the majority of that day walking in the gardens, helping her father, Sir Daren, pick flowers for the upcoming wedding of Princess Lauren to Prince Carter. Her father was the palace gardener, and her mother was a high ranking noble. Such a union was uncommon, but not impossible.

"Do you think we have enough?" She asked Daren, looking at the multiple baskets of flowers they had collected over the day.
"I believe we have. If not, I can always get more. Thank you for the help." Sir Daren smiled at his daughter.
"Good. May I take my leave?"
"Of course. Dinner will be served in an hour."

Alyssa smiled, nodding in thanks to her father before travelling to her private quarters. She was ready to change out of the summer dress she had been wearing, covered in sweat and grime from kneeling down to pick the flowers. She sighed. If only every day could be this perfect.