“I've been out of the US a few times, usually to Europe. My father has several business partners in England, France and Germany. I actually can speak German and a little French. I've never been to Asia though.” Laurel said, pulling Suko back into her and resting her head on her shoulder. She had dated before and even felt like she was in love before but it wasn't like she felt with Suko. It was like the other woman completed her. She wasn't sure she believed in soul mates however it felt like they were made for each other. She sat there a few minutes enjoying their closeness and thinking about how they would get enough blood to get across the ocean. There were going to be at least two of them. She wasn't sure if Walker and Amelia were going to come with them. If they did they would need blood for four people.

“When you came across the sea before refrigeration technology wasn't what it is now. Maybe we could acquire some blood from a blood bank and store it in a refrigerator.” Laurel said, recalling a case she had worked where drug runners had been smuggling drugs and people through the harbor using shipping containers with false walls. One of the containers they had raided had a whole set up with a bed, power, bathroom. It was much like a train living compartment. The drug runner that had been rode in the container hadn't been uncomfortable. She wasn't sure what kind of set up Suko's friend had. She had helped out on a human trafficking case where there had been forty people crammed in a container with buckets for bathrooms. Hopefully they would be traveling in the former style. “Maybe Amelia will have some connections but for now lets have a little fun.” She stood up and slipped out of her clothes pulling Suko to her feet and undressing her. Once they both her free of their clothes she took Suko's hand guiding her to the water. It was cold but the water didn't seem to bother her. One of the advantages of being a vampire. This water should have required a wet suit but here she was skinny dipping.