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    Default Doctor Infinity’s Lab

    Here are the characters to the rps that I have been in. The links to the rps that the characters were in are also there as well.
    Name: James Morpheus

    Superhero Name: The Sleeper

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Appearance: James is a 6-foot, 110 pound Caucasian man wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and glasses. His hair is brown and messy, so messy that he can’t even comb it, and white, polished teeth. His eyes are forest green, and he has a very short nose.

    Superpowers: James’s superpowers are very peculiar. He can randomly fall unconscious for 6 to 8 hours. He can’t control his powers, and is incredibly useless in a fight.

    Biography: James was born in Columbus, Ohio, and got his powers at age 10. He was a very shy kid, and made little friends. He also got in trouble for his superpowers. He was always falling behind when he was sleeping, and no one could ever wake him up. James got frequently bullied, and unfortunately never passed school to fulfill his dreams of becoming a computer scientist.

    Although his powers were lacking, James is very good with computers. He knows a lot about coding and stuff, so if anyone has a problem with logging into a specific website, James is perfect for that job. He also loves to tingle the ivories, and is a very good musician. He played in a concert once, and people enjoyed his work. Because of his powers, he gets very lazy sometimes, and might not pay attention to the task at hand.

    One day, James decided to get a job at the coast. So he moved to New York, where the hustling and bustling and the business of the place disoriented him a lot. He went into the nearest apartment, and started his new life at New York. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any degrees or a resume, so his only job right now is at McDonalds. But James is determined. He still has hope for his future. Even if his powers are dragging him down.

    Other: James thinks that his powers aren’t a gift, but a curse.
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