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Thread: ZOMBIE ROAD OOC [M] A zom-com featuring Moon and Siks

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    Default ZOMBIE ROAD OOC [M] A zom-com featuring Moon and Siks

    It all began with a civil war which lasted five years, both sides hustling to create a zombie virus on the sly. The first outbreak was an accident, the infection escaping the lab and forcing an end to the fighting. With most of the world dead or dying within the first year, the cease-fire did little good. The zombies took over, their numbers growing over time. The only hope was the virus' short survivability in the cold, below freezing temperatures slowing its ability to replicate itself inside a victim. Outside of the body, the virus died quickly, the winter the easiest time for the remains of humanity to stay alive.

    In steps our heroes. They will meet on the dusty roads of Harpers Ferry on a cold morning in the lonely state of West Virginia. It is two years into the zombie infection, an apocalyptic event which has left a trail of dead, and undead, bodies littering the streets wherever the eye may fall. The world's population has been decimated by upwards of 95 to 99 percent, and while most big cities have been abandoned, the small towns have become fortresses. Anyone smart became mobile, scavenging what little of worth remained. There is no law, other than that made by the few survivors that consider themselves elite, but those marauders suffer like the common man, each a possible victim for the hungry hordes which never seem to tire, their craving for fresh meat a never ending quest.






    Appearance(pic and description)


    Normal Skills and Abilities(limit of 5)

    Weapons(Limit of 4 weapons):

    Armor(one sensible suit of armor):


    Augs(Limit of 3):







    Name: Dawn Specter

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Appearance and description:

    Spoiler: Dawn 

    Job : Mechanic

    Normal Skills and Abilities(limit of 5)

    --Intelligent--problem solving is a great way to pass the time. She went to trade school to become a mechanic and the sound of a purring engine is her sugar.

    --Agility--she is light on her feet...parkour anyone?

    --Survival skills--nature provides all...except for a damn cell phone...f***!

    --Hand-to-hand fighting--being a girl means cheating is okay. Growing up with five brothers was a great way to learn how to defend yourself.

    --Mechanical ingenuity--how things work comes naturally when a vehicle is involved. Beep...beep.

    Weapons(Limit of 4 weapons): Glock 19 (9mm), 12-Gauge sawed-off shotgun, pocket knife, and a crowbar.

    Spoiler: Armor 

    Equipment: DUCT TAPE!!! Seriously though, she has 3 rolls in her pack, along with a compass, lighter, mirror, energy bars (home made), flint stone (just in case the lighter runs out of fluid), an eight foot length of rope, flashlight with spare batteries, bear spray, and mace. As for professional equipment, she carries the basic tools needed to work on an engine, anything more would be too much for her to carry.

    Augs(Limit of 3): None

    Personality: Personality: Dawn is an intelligent, no-nonsense sort of girl. She likes long walks on the beach, hand-gliding with friends, and Bloody Mary breakfasts....not! She is a country girl at heart, enjoying a day of hunting, fishing, or target practice. Her brothers taught her how to defend herself against the bullies of the world and she never backs down from a fight. Throw in an epic infection and some zombies and she is right at home, wrestling her way across the heart of America.

    Likes: Cars of any sort, but especially the classics, a good debate, dancing like nobody is watching, chocolate (her worst obsession), rainy days, and the night sky.

    Dislikes: Zombies (of course), ignorant fools, big cities, boring days, traffic jams, and one-night stands.

    Background: Dawn was a nightmare growing up. With five brothers to compete with on a regular basis, she was rarely at home, her days spent looking for frogs or snakes to scare her younger sisters. Her clothing was never clean, let alone tidy, and a tear here and there was the norm. She wanted to be one of the boys, every tree climbed and every creek crossed. She tagged along with them, wrestled with them, and learned their mischievous ways. She was a true tomboy.

    When it came to boyfriends she shied away, her reasoning thrice fold. For one, the selection process was rigged in favor of her brother's choices, any candidate having to put in a resume before they were allowed to step foot on the porch. There was also the whole, where do we go on a date thing. She didn't care for eating out and movies rarely tickled her fancy. What else was there to do? And this led to the third thing. She knew nothing about dating...and kissing...and all the other stuff. So why bother?

    All this changed when Dawn went away to school. She dabbled in the whole guy thing for a bit, but nothing ever clicked, her tomboy-ish-ness always getting in the way. Once she graduated, she moved away from home and everything familiar, putting a few hundred miles between her and her family. It was a difficult choice, but she went where the job was offered, finding her butt seated in a small mountainous town in Virginia.

    Only a few years passed before she was uprooted again, this time by the governmental 'accident'. She survived mostly on her own, finding the company of others more dangerous than the zombies themselves. It was greed, hate, selfishness, and ignorance that led to death, and she had no plans of giving up her life for a fool. She put home in her rearview many months ago and started to head north, the colder weather her short-term goal.

    Other: Dawn has always dreamed of living in a tree house like the one from the movie Tarzan.
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    Name: Grizzwald Night

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Appearance(pic and description)
    Spoiler: Night 

    Job: Driver, smuggler, and occasional armed escort.

    Normal Skills and Abilities(limit of 5)

    Driver: Like anyone who wishes to live through the Zombie apocalypse, Grizzwald is a very skilled driver of most any four-wheeled land vehicles.

    Marksmen: A skill anyone in the wastes needs to know. Be with black powder or modern guns Griz is highly skilled at rifle grip firearms.

    Navigator: Another indispensable skill, Mr. Night is very good at using the stars and landmarks to find his way around.

    Doctor: The original field he trained for before the world ended. Grizzwald is a skilled albeit down and dirty Doctor.

    Jury-Rigger: When the truck breaks someone needs to fix it as such Griz has taken it upon himself to learn all he can about engines and other technical fields, though lack of tools and two work hands means most of his fixes are more band-aids than proper fixes.

    Weapons(Limit of 4 weapons): M-16 with a dual day/night scope, a 44 magnum pistol, and a tire iron reporposed into a war axe.

    Armor(one sensible suit of armor): The armor in the above pic, it's a modified combat medic's suit from his time in the Army.

    Equipment: Basic mechanical tools, fire making tools, the wrenches and such need to keep his arm in good repair, spare ammo and gun maintenance kit.

    Augs(Limit of 3): Clockwork Arm: As seen in the picture Grizzwald has a mechanical arm that gives him extra strength.

    Personality: Grizzwald Night is what could be called an adrenaline junkie. He lives to cheat death, he is fearless, bold, and wily. But there are glints of a deeply moral soul beneath all the bravado, many would call him unhinged, others perfectly normal. Griz would say he's somewhere in the middle. Like everyone else in the the new Zombie world you don't make it to the end the day being perfectly sane. Just the right kind of crazy to willingly go out into almost certain death on a daily basis.

    Likes: Women, whiskey, driving, thunderstorms, and rainbows.

    Dislikes: Marauders, the Zombies, being stationary, the sea, and parrots.

    Background: Many survivors say they were born to the life of a wanderer. The sky was their first blanket and the earth their first bed. Even if only two years had passed since the world ended this was a common cliche tossed around. But for Grizzwald night it had always been true. Since he was a child he's been on the road. His parents were part of a Traveling Circus that drive between every major city in America. Putting on fantastic and unbelievable shows every day of the year. All and all it was the perfect storm for making a man like Grizzwald. Raised to fear nothing and always to dare greatness the Nights were a happy family.

    But while his parents were happy with staying circus folk Grizzwald wanted more. More adventure, more danger, more everything. So when he was old enough he joined the United States Army, but he wasn't keen on killing so he became a Medic. At the time the US was going through much turmoil, riots and mud-slinging political campaigns. Eventual the US fell into a second Civil War, so Grizzwal;s first taste of the pains of war were just outside his family's summer circus camp. Luckily though he scored high enough to be a Combat Medic. With his rifle and CLS bag he did his part to keep America from blowing itself up.

    For fives years he served the Medic Corp proud, and luckily after those five years the war ended, but like all soldiers Grizz didn't come out of it unscathed he lost an arm and the constant fighting and patching up people to send them off to die wore heavily on his psyche, and by the time the war ended he was well on his way to a Section 8 mental health discharge. But the horrors of war never just end once the last round is fired. Leaders on both sides of the war had gone to Nazi levels of mad science to try and end the war as quickly as possible while at the same time trying to ensure their side wins. It resulted in the truest form of an end of the world scenario, no one knows which side did it first. But shortly before a tentative treaty had been signed the first Zombie outbreak occurred it quickly spread and many say this was the main reason for the end of the war. Both sides united against a common enemy, but it was for naught. The virus spread and wiped out most of the world within the first year. Those further North suffered less and would eventually inherit the world once the outbreak had run it's course losing most of it's hosts before it fully ended humanity.

    But the zombies still outnumbered the humans so those strong enough took to the roads to keep ahead of the hordes. Big cities were abandoned and small town became fortresses, but this is a losing war of attrition. The smart are mobile, and the survivors don't take chances. Grizzwald liked to think he was a smart guy and live on the road was something he was already used to and once he found a beautiful Volvo semi truck he never stayed in one place very long ever again. He called her Annabelle and she became his home, his fortress, his safe space. His mental health fully unhinged now he simply lives to fight another day until the day finally takes him down.

    Other: Grizzwald has had a few lady friends in the past, but nothing's stuck yet.
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