It's part of a future plot point. Yes originally the plan was we go to the base with two helicopters (Becky mentioned having one nearby), we lose Becky's heli at NORAD, Miles' heli barely manages to refuel and escape Peterson, we all link back up and get back to Denver. But plans change. We had to change how we revealed the militant group. IC right now, none of us know exactly how bad it is, we just have rumours. Me and Rayne know OOC of course because we've discussed it in vague terms.

Okay so the two locations we're looking at, the amusement park and the unknown one, will reveal something about a zombie type only mentioned here in the OOC in the OP. And yes we will eventually find out how bad it is IC, but if we told you know it wouldn't be as much of a surprise. Where's the fun in the story if we all know how it ends? hell even me and Rayne don't know how this ends, we just know some vague plot points we discussed. So there's some transparency, we don't have an ending for this.