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Thread: The New Teen Titans

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    Coyote reached the rooftop overlooking the landing zone. He cocked his head as Nightwing started giving orders. Having found himself left out he crouched on the edge overlooking the body. The lenses in the helmet shifted and the boy leapt towards him as Coyote’s facial muscles triggered the zoom.

    Ty started to recall everything he had heard about Wonder Woman and her dealings with the Olympians. The attire made Coyote think of Ares instantly, the sex was wrtong to be Athena. Of course the age was wrong for both. Unless of course something else was involved, which given the magical nature of the Olympians was possible.

    His thoughts were interrupted as the boy shifted stirring. The lenses reverted to normal and Coyote gave a quick scan of his immediate area. Keying his mic he spoke softly even though no one was within hearing distance. ”Times up boy scout.” Straightening Coyote turned looking for someplace that should be empty. He threw a salute to Raven as she stated her enjoyment in seeing the Titans, old and new, again. ”I believe there’s still construction on 5th, if necessary can you move a conflict there Raven?” He asked, thinking of limiting collateral as much as possible.

    ”On another note, anyone have Themyscira on speed dial?” He asked with a smirk in his voice.The joviality hiding the tension he felt as his eyes moved from the skyline to search for the quickest route down.
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    Hannya had just made it to the scene, her more petite body for once a benefit as she worked her way through the crowd. There were no excuse me, no please and thank yous. “Move.” She did, however, keep from shoving the nosey pedestrians out of the way. She finally made it to the landing site only to find some other weirdo in a suit alongside Screech. “Who-” He was giving orders. Hannya’s eyes narrowed. He knew her name, but more importantly, he thought he was someone special. “Excuse you. This-” Is a Titans matter. But before she could get the words out, Screech Owl was flying off, and Raven appeared.

    Great. So now the ex-Titan had shown up, there was someone Hannya didn’t know giving orders, Screech Owl didn’t have her back, and who knew where Coyote was. On his way, hopefully. She could count on him at least, right? But there was nothing for it in the meantime. Screech had fallen into line, so she had to as well. Besides, the man had a good point. They had to clear out the curious before it turned into a fight. Hannya turned her back to the stranger and looked out at the civilians. How was she supposed to get them to back up? Crowd control wasn’t their job. It was the police who usually did crowd control. Judging by the sirens in the distance, they would be there shortly. She looked to the stranger, clearly waiting for direction- Until Coyote showed up. She stood a little straighter, looking around for the familiar outline of her teammate.

    Fighting in a construction zone? Hannya would like nothing better. “You’re late, Coyote.” She teased. Screech Owl and herself had gotten there first. She had wholly disregarded the stranger’s orders, wasn’t even paying attention to what was happening with their fallen human meteor.

    -- -- -- -- -- --

    People of Jump City were of two categories. Some had sense and left hero work to the heroes. Others? They felt the need to get involved, most often trying to record a fight in hopes of a viral video. Gia fell in with the first group. She wasn’t a hero. And yet, Gia could feel curiosity pulling at her, begging her to work her way through the crowd so she could find out what had happened. She got herself up to her feet again and brushed the gravel from her hands.

    She wouldn’t give in to her curiosity. Gia backed away and started the other direction, her head down and bleeding hands in her pockets. She would be able to check the news from the safety of her apartment. These sorts of things were usually plastered on every channel.
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    He knew she would show. Raven was dependable like that. She always had been. Even with the gravity of the current situation, Nightwing couldn’t quite keep himself from smiling at her arrival. It had been way too long since he had last seen her. Between life in Bludhaven and Gotham giving him more than he could handle, he hadn't exactly been around for, well, anyone. If it hadn’t been for the new Robin, he might still be in that dark downward spiral that had claimed him for the majority of his time away from Jump…

    “I agree….and...and it’s good to see you too…” He nodded softly before returning to the matter at hand. His attention went to Screech Owl as the young heroine gave her report. “Understood. Good work.” He gave a firm nod before turning to find Hannya already distracted. Raven was going to have to work with the girl on that.

    “Hey. Hannya. Focus.” He commanded sternly. His eyes darted back to the buildings around them. Again he couldn’t shake the thought that it looked like a warzone. The bar looked like it would hold up, but some of the structures closer to the crater looked unstable. If there were people in there…

    They needed to act fast. “These buildings could come down any minute. We need to make sure no one is trapped inside! Now! Hannya, you’re with me. Screech Owl, you go with Raven. Where’s Coyote?” He had never met that new Titan either, but he was at least familiar with the boy’s powers. They would come in handy if a fight broke out.
    A soft groan. Labored breaths. Loud noises. People shouting. High pitch ringing. Crystal blue eyes opened slowly. A louder groan.

    The boy in the crater staggered to his feet and collected his shield and spear. His gaze went to a group of strangers too close for his liking. Enemies…
    No sooner had Nightwing finished giving his marching orders than did an unfamiliar heavily accented voice shout over him. The Titan veteran spun on a heel. It was the boy. He had risen to his feet while they were talking. Dick couldn’t understand a single word that was said, but whatever it was, the kid didn’t sound happy. Even worse, the mysterious boy was climbing out of the crater with his weapon trained on the team.
    The boy in the armor advanced slowly. He was crouched and ready to pounce with his spear aimed straight at the masked man’s heart...

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