----------World description----------
In the grand empire of Rokugan, a new dynasty is being born. The new empress takes the Emerald throne and holds a celebratory tournament to appoint her new champions after the loss of her father. To foster an age of progress and enlightenment, she accepts old enemies and scattered outcasts into the empire to form new clans that join the ranks of the old. Now ten great clans send forth champions who embody the ideals of their people. With champions earning their position in the new imperial court, the empires future shines bright as the sun.

Light however casts shadows. The brighter the light, the deeper the shadows, and in this dawning new dynasty, the shadows are long and reaching. From the Shadowlands pushed outside Rokugans borders, the corrupting force known as Taint spreads virulently. Oni awaken sensing tension and uncertainty in the heart of the empire. Rebels rise up opposing changes to the old order, and the empress must be protected. The champions have been tasked with facing challenges and perils from all sides in the name of the empire. Legend has it that the only thing that can stop the looming chaos are the five rings. Are they just legend and philosophy? or could the rumors be true that the hand of Amaterasu descends upon the world with five rings of ultimate power on her fingers?
Active: No
Genres: Adventure, Fandom, Fantasy, Horror
Themes: Gore, Ideology, Romance, Violence

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----------Rokugan Clans----------
Spoiler: Crab 
Spoiler: Crane 
Spoiler: Dragon 
Spoiler: Lion 
Spoiler: Mantis 
Spoiler: Phoenix 
Spoiler: Scorpion 
Spoiler: Spider 
Spoiler: Unicorn 
Races of Rokugan: Hengeyokai, Human, Kitsune, Naga, Nezumi, Ningyo, Verana, Tengu

----------Character Scroll----------

Name/Title: Family name, Personal name
Age/Maturity: Optional
Gender/Sex: What I like, What I am
Race/Species: Options above
Abilities/Powers: Clan Options above
Affliction/Weakness: Optional
Equipment/Items: Optional
Occupation/Job: Clan Options above
Skills/Talents: Clan Options above
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