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Thread: Zonia: Five Tribes OOC (M)

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    Recruiting Zonia: Five Tribes OOC (M)

    ----------World description----------
    Zonia... means "Last Zone" in our tongue. When the world was just born all was dark, until Father Sun and Mother Moon came and shed light upon it. Life flourished in the light and they were joyous. But they disagreed with what to do with the world. Father Sun wanted to rule it, while Mother Moon wanted to nourish it. They argued and fought, until Father Sun lost his temper, throwing Mother Moon down upon the world. Her fall destroyed all life across the world, except the zone she landed upon, protected by the magic that shielded her fall.

    Looking upon the ruined world, Father Sun fled ashamed of what he had done, always traveling around the world apart from Mother Moon. She looked upon the last zone, still alive around where she fell. Vowing to protect this last place of life, she offered her magic to the young Zonians in it. The women saw her pain and sorrow, and accepted it. The men saw the destruction and anger that wrought this fate and fled from her. Mother Moon took Zonia and separated it from the broken world, keeping it to herself and empowering her daughters to protect them from the dangers that lurk all around.

    This is the legend of Zonia. A place once apart of Earth at the dawn of time. Throughout history, rifts have opened to this fabled place. Civilizations from all over the world have explored and invaded Zonia, finding a primeval continent with prehistoric beasts still alive, tribes of super powered women, and other wonders too numerous to list. The five tribes of Zonians have raised up and separated from each other, forging identities around the outside cultures that influenced them, the incredible creatures they bond with, and the distinct magics they are born with. With outsiders from the savagelands invading, disasters and monsters roaming about, and inter-tribal warfare always breaking out, what legends will be created or discovered next?
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    Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi
    Themes: Episodic, Ideology, Romance, Violance

    ----------Five Tribes Summary----------
    Spoiler: Canopy Tribe 
    Spoiler: Cavern Tribe 
    Spoiler: Moon Tribe 
    Spoiler: Mountain Tribe 
    Spoiler: River Tribe 

    ----------Character Scroll----------

    Name/Title: Name here
    Age/Maturity: Optional
    Gender/Sex: Zonian, NonZonian
    Tribe: Options above
    Abilities/Powers: Clan Options above
    Affliction/Weakness: Optional
    Equipment/Items: Optional
    Occupation/Job: Clan Options above
    Skills/Talents: Clan Options above
    Cool stuff here
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    Sounds like a great base to work with.

    I could see a Moon Tribe origin story for a character.


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