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Thread: The Mystic Isles [IC]

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    "The wagon was just to transport everyone," Blind Willie interrupted. "From what I gathered, when Stewart left, he was carrying a heavy pack. I think even Dane would notice his serf stealing the egg if he had to load it onto a wagon."

    Blind Willie paused. "Unless it was already stolen?"

    He turned his head towards Wynzara. "Dane never said how big it was, I just assumed Stewart just carried it out the day he left. Maybe in a barrel? Who's going to notice a serf with a barrel?"

    "You should ask your master how big it was," Blind Willie said. "If it was snuck out in a barrel, see if there's a wheelbarrow you can use to get it out? I'll get a block and tackle ready."
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    Wynzara nodded. She’d been telling her master he needed to communicate more and yet the man remained cryptically terse. Looking around at her new companions, she said, “Any of you who so wish are welcome to come with me, but I’ll warn you, Master Dane is known as The Faceless One for a reason. He was involved in a magical mishap that resulted in people feeling sick if they look on his face for too long. I know how to speak with him without being affected by that and can get in, ask what needs asking, and get out, but if any of you have concerns about my motives, I’m giving you a chance to accompany me, even though you will slow me down.”

    She then waited to see if anyone wished to take her up on her offer.

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    "I suppose I'll go," Eleace said a little reluctantly. "At least it'll give me some time to know some of my associates."

    The faceless one did seem appropriate for the situation, but was also ominous.
    At least he still had a face... or so it sounded.

    She looked at the others for a moment.
    "Anyone else?" She asked.
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