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Thread: RPA Decathlon - [Updates every 2 days]

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    Default RPA Decathlon - [Updates every 2 days]

    Welcome, and thank you for dropping by! This is the RPA decathlon, a collection of ten different writing challenges that will be revealed over the course of the month! If you have any questions about a particular challenge, please don’t hesitate to PM myself or another mod.


    1. New challenges will be revealed every 48 hours at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check back regularly!

    2. If a post you submit is M or R rated, please label it as such. Obviously, all the standard RPA rules also apply.

    3. You may submit a single post per prompt.

    4. Submit your posts here in this thread using [hide] tags, with the challenge title clearly shown in the spoiler text (to do this, use the code [hide=challenge title text here]).

    5. Deadline for submission for all prompts will be midnight EST on the 30th of April. This is to be fair to members who might not be able to log on every day - we’d rather test your creativity than your writing speed!

    6. Badges will be awarded to all players who rise to the challenge! Completing 6 prompts within the month will earn you a bronze medal. Completing 8 will earn you a silver. Completing all 10 will earn you a gold!

    Spoiler: Competitors and Scoreboard 

    Also, a big thank you to our previous organiser of this event, @Nazgul;

    On your marks.

    Get set.


    The Challenges:

    2nd April: Event 1 - The 100 Word Sprint. This event requires you to write 100 words on a specific topic. While it is allowed to go a little over the 100 words, those who go under will be disqualified.

    The Topic: Kittens!

    * * * * * *

    4th April: Event 2 - The High-ku Jump. This event requires you to write a haiku poem. For those who do not know, a haiku is a short poem of three lines, which have five, seven and five syllables respectively. For example:

    This is a haiku
    Five syllables then seven
    Then five once again

    The Topic: RPA

    * * * * * *

    6th April: Event 3 - 220 Word Hurdles. This event requires you to write 220 words on a specific topic. However, there is a trick! Your post must contain five instances of a chosen word - that word is the hurdle! While it is allowed to go a little over the 220 words, those who go under will be disqualified.

    The Topic: Friendship

    The Hurdle Word: Hate

    * * * * * *

    8th April: Event 4 - The Plot Put. This event requires you to write a plot summary for a film that you have just invented - the kind of summary that might be read out by a deep, dramatic voice during the film’s trailer! Minimum 100 words.

    The Title of the Film: Rebirth

    * * * * * *

    10th April: Event 5 - The Copy Throw. This event requires you to write advertising copy (an advert script). The name of the product is fixed and appears below, but beyond that it’s up to you. Perhaps it’s a movie, a TV show, a household product, or a vacation home in the Alpha Centauri system. Whatever your heart desires!

    Name of Product: Sand Shark
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    Spoiler: EVENT 1 - The Hundred Word Sprint: Kittens! 
    Spoiler: EVENT 2 - The High-ku Jump: RPA 
    Spoiler: EVENT 3 - 220 Word Hurdles: Friendship 
    Spoiler: EVENT 4 - The Plot Put: Rebirth 
    Spoiler: EVENT 5 - The Copy Throw: Sand Shark 
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    Spoiler: The 100 Word Sprint 

    Spoiler: The High-ku Jump 
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