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Thread: Five Words, One Story - [Updates every week]

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    Default Five Words, One Story - [Updates every week]

    Dearest members of RPA, it's that time again.

    Time for a strange Scottish lady on the internet to fling inspiration your way!! In the form of a collection of random words to make your creative minds whirl!

    Every Friday of this glorious RPApril, I will gift five things to anyone who wishes to participate. It is up to you, my bonnie fellow RPAper’s to make them into a short story!! Let your imagination go wild, think up the unthinkable, let the words speak to you and start a tale that will grow into something glorious!!

    After all, those wonderful submissions have trundled into this thread and the month of April is nearly up, our judges will have a good ol’ natter and discuss which member did the best job at this crazy task each week and a shiny lovely badge will be given to said members!!

    P.S. I know that I am not on EST but to make it fair for the vast majority of RPA, I will abide by EST for submissions!! I apologise if I get it incorrect or post things at the wrong time but I'll try my best!

    • On Fridays, you'll be given five random items, activities, places, etc. You must include them all in
      your submission!
    • Entries must be formatted into short stories!
    • Entries may be anywhere from 500 to 1,500 words!
    • Entries must be submitted to the thread by the 30th of April! If you're just a little past the deadline, I'll let it slide if you give me a gif of a fluffy happy creature!
    • To minimise confusion, please spoiler your entry and give it a title. Include your username, and the week. For example: '"The strange and confusing world of mice - Week 1. Scottie”'. It doesn't have to follow that exact format, but something along those lines would be perfect!
    • Please keep thread chatter to a minimum.
    • If you’d like to do a Mature story, I will very much allow it. Just please spoiler your story and place a M warning!
    • All RPA rules apply!

    So what happens after the 30th of April?

    Entries will be voted upon by judges. They will be rated based on the following:

    Grammar, spelling, etc.
    How well you made the unrelated 'five things' fit together
    General enjoyableness of the story
    Good story structure, ie; introduction, presenting, conclusion, etc.
    How original your story is (You can write a parody if you like! But the more unique your story is, the better.)

    When the voting is complete, the results will be posted in this thread!

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! I may have missed something, or phrased something in a way that makes sense to my silly brain but might not to everyone else's. I want this to be a lot of fun, so if you're confuddled, please don't hesitate to contact me!


    Staff and maybe some shiny members! Please message Scottie if you’d like to judge this game!

    Now, please grace me with your fantastic words!! I am waiting happily like this:

    Week 1 - Friday 2nd of April
    Deadline: Friday 30th of April
    Midnight EST
    Words: Dream, Conflict, Edge, Victory, Apple

    Week 2 - Friday 9th of April
    Deadline: Friday 30th of April
    Midnight EST

    Words: Coffin, Laundry, Rabbit, Fire, Gift
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    Go vote for RPA!!

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    Spoiler: What If - Part 1 | Week 1 | AsharaSahara 
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    Spoiler: WEEK 1 - Whims of Destiny 

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