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Thread: Musical Muse - [Updates every Friday]

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    Default Musical Muse - [Updates every Friday]

    Sometimes I find myself getting lost in a song. Letting a world blossom before me or a particular fight scene or emotional moment crash into life! I truly think there are many of us on RPA that love to listen to music while we write.

    Some members probably have certain soundtracks that help them write Sci-Fi stories and others have certain badass songs that help them write for the rumble!

    This year, we birth a new game of sorts into RPApril! A musical muse shall we say!! We will gift you two songs every Friday, one instrumental and one lyrical! Let the music flow through you and ignite a story within!

    You can choose to do both stories or just one! You can choose to let a specific lyric be the basing for your story or maybe just the feel that the instrumental song gives you!


    • Every Friday, two new songs will be popped into this thread!
    • Entries must be formatted into short stories!
    • Entries must be between 500 and 2000 words!
    • Entries must be submitted to the thread by the 30th of April! If you're just a little past the deadline, I'll let it slide if you put a silly gif in the thread!!
    • To minimise confusion, please spoiler your entry and tell me which song you chose! Include your username and the week. For example: '"Song 1 - Week 1. Scottie”'. It doesn't have to follow that exact format, but something along those lines would be perfect!
    • Please keep thread chatter to a minimum.
    • If you’d like to do a Mature story, I will very much allow it. Just please spoiler your story and place a M warning!
    • All RPA rules apply!

    Now let the music get your fingers tapping!

    Week 1 - Friday 2nd of April
    Deadline: Friday 30th of April
    Midnight EST

    Week 1 - Song prompts from @Azazeal849; :
    Song 1 - Instrumental

    Song 2 - Lyrical

    Week 2 - Song prompts from @InfraredHero; :
    Song 1 - Instrumental

    Song 2 - Lyrical

    Week 3 - Song prompts from @Scottie; :
    Song 1 - Instrumental

    Song 2 - Lyrical

    Week 4 - Song prompts from the staff members!:

    Song 1 - Instrumental

    Song 2 - Lyrical

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