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    Recruiting [M] Rusty's Junkyard

    Why Hello, Little Fly.

    It's always a pleasure to see my next potential victim, I mean partner. Now then, I am sure you've already deduced it; but, I am RustyFable. A mischievous kidnapper of muses far and wide, and it's my most humble pleasure to make your acquaintance. So introductions aside let's get down to business.
    I am currently coming off a very long hiatus, as I've actually had this account for a while, but kept forgetting about it until very recently. As life has continued to throw me hardballs, and I just never really got the chance to get any real stories going on-site; despite my best efforts.

    However, in recent months I've found myself both with; an overabundance of free time and a ferocious appetite to return to writing but, was dismayed to find out that a great deal of the sites I used to gallivant about on have either shut down or gone rather quite. Then I remembered about RPA and thought I'd poke my head back in the door, and make another go of it. Having said all of that, let's hope this time I stick. Now then, setting aside the pleasantries let's get down to the important bits.

    About Me

    • I've been role-playing across various sites for roughly ten years at this point, and have a decent comprehension of both spelling and grammar. I try to balance out the quality of my word choice; preferring to achieve a reasonable amount of detail without sacrificing length or plot advancement.
    • On average I'd say my regular post range from anywhere between 4-11 paragraphs, expanding to around 11-15 for major plot points; starters tend to be about this length as well.
    • In terms of posting frequency. Honestly, it depends; if I see you've gotten me a reply then as a general rule I'll either start working on a reply or at the very least start thinking on one. Which I'll post either the same day or within 2-3 days. I try to get replies out in a relatively reasonable timeframe. And should an event arise where I'm going to be preoccupied or Fates forbid, get stuck with writer's block I'll come and let you know.
    • For the most part I prefer to work with older themes, so it's likely that most of the stories I'd be willing to write would end up being [M] rated. So I'd ask you to keep that in mind, however, that isn't to say that I'd be against doing a less serve storyline if the proposal was enticing enough.
    • More than anything I value talking OOC, I like to know my partner; and their character. I am a massive nerd, and can be a little awkward; but communication is important to me and I'd love to get to know some of you wonderful folks.

    Spoiler: Stories 

    One last note, you can comment here or shoot me a message if anything catches your attention.
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    "Fate leads the willing and, drags along the reluctant." - Seneca


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