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Thread: Sorority Slayers

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    Recruiting Sorority Slayers

    ----------World description----------
    For as long as it has been settled, Dreambrooke has been a world class college community and tourist destination. It has attracted an ever growing populace of oddities, curiosities, and fascinating mysteries. What is kept under wraps however is its endless death rates ranging from accidents, to suicides, to unsolved murders. This means the city is always attracting new residents from all over the world to move in and fresh lively students to attend its world famous college. Although authorities and the general public are somehow largely oblivious or in denial of the town's history, There have long existed local myths and legends that overshadow the fate of those who dwell within.

    In recent history however, those clever college kids are wising up to the dire living conditions of life on campus. The reports of monster sightings, supernatural incidents, and residents with mysterious pasts cannot all be covered up. The sorority of TauElpisTheta was founded to protect the youth which seemed most prone to falling prey to the dark forces drawn to the city. The local students soon found members among the campus who possessed unusual abilities and skills or knowledge and training that could be used to fight back against whatever next terrorized the college. A new semester has begun, a new class has signed up for another year on campus, and a new dark cloud closes in, turning Dreambrooke into a nightmare!

    Active: No
    Genres: Horror, Modern
    Themes: Gore, Language, Permanent change/death, Romance, Substance use, Violence

    ----------Supernatural Profile----------
    [IMG]perdy picter heer[/IMG]

    Name/Title: name or alias
    Age/Maturity: definable
    Gender/Sex: preference/type
    Race/Species: human/other
    Abilities/Powers: detailed
    Affliction/Weakness: important
    Equipment/Items: optional
    Occupation/Job: student or other
    Skills/Talents: training
    blah blah blah

    Spoiler: Juda 
    Spoiler: Kasa (Partners OC) 
    Spoiler: Jakota 
    Spoiler: Darcy 
    Spoiler: Willow 


    New Semester (SecretShadows)
    Summer Vacation (Pidipuuu)

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