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Thread: [OOC] Breach By Night [M]

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    Easy. Stella is the nerd and Alex is the jock. Prepare to be bench-pressed.

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    *Gaming on PSP while planking as Alex bench presses me*

    Well, that works out.
    but what exactly would to roles be. yes, you're the older sister, and I'm the younger.
    But do we get along? do we hang out? how do our interactions go?
    Are you willing to sit down long enough to play a video game? what types?
    Do you join me in airsoft? I'd probably join a bit of the other pickup games if we're close, but maybe not some of the more painful ones (despite playing airsoft ).
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    I could see Rachel (my child char) being somewhat of a shy peacemaker in the family and picking up a few traits here and there from everyone so far. Of course, Rachel wouldn’t be on the same level as either Alex or Stella given the age difference, but I could see her gaining some agility from playing with Alex and picking up enough from Stella to work a few relatively simple devices for gathering intel (e.g. a toy RC vehicle with a camera and/or listening device attached), and then developing their connections from there.
    Thanks for the set, Kicks!

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