Jim told the driver as he stepped out with the broken pole in hand, "Wait right here, I need a look around here, I will make it worthwhile to you."

Jim then went over to that dark van and gave it a good investigation. The license plate matched the number he had written down. There was no activity, doors on it were locked, only the empty front seats were in view. Those who had brought this van here had taken Saori from it. They must have taken her into this nearby empty building. He hurried to the front door. It was a heavy door securely locked, which he could not do anything to. He looked along the front to the side one way. There he saw there was a narrow walks space between it and the building next over, with a fence running between them. Jim went on that way looking for any door or any window that might permit him entrance. Not seeing any, in this very closed off building, he came to the end of that narrow walkway where a fence closed it off from where the alley must be. Thinking there might be some way in still from that back side, Jim worked at climbing over that fence. He was not dressed properly for it but it was not at all the first time Jim hopped a fence. Once on the other side, he looked both ways for anybody that might be around in that alley. He spotted a woman hurrying off a good distance away, she was undressed save for the underwear. She came just then to where the alley opened to the road just there. Jim knew it was her, and called out, "Saori!"

A sound alerted him, it was a door opening from behind that building he had been looking at.