The braided beauty put her hands on her hips and watched Elizabeth shimmy up the pole and then leap from bar to bar as the new girl even managed to avoid touching the other tryouts hanging from them by there fingers. When she hopped down, the athlete tipped her head to a nearby girl holding a clipboard and said approvingly.* Alright, that's what I call puttin a booty to use! You wanna put moves like that to some use? We got track, gymnastic, and cheer leading spots open. Granted if you wanna put some hurt in those moves, you will more likely wanna talk to the Sarah. Her sorority hosts "self defense" courses. I was part of that house for a couple years!

Over by the parking lot, Kasa was finishing with the club papers that Damien was going over while the girls stood back and watched. The recruiter behind Willow fidgeted with the trapped papers, trying to twist or tug them loose after giving up on thinking of touching the student. While he sneakily worked on wedging a clipboard under the textbook, Willow sat with her chin in her hands watching Matilda with wide eyed attention. Having a fellow alchemist in the city was a first.* Making bombs seems to more often be the result of my poor instruction compliance... but I am extra careful when I have the money to get real ingredients from the shop! You don't ask how, nor try to harvest mandrake root in city limits that's for sure! But witho~ uhh... hello? *The redhead glanced over her shoulder at the man behind her trying to lift her seat up, while over by the truck Damien was given the class schedule by Kasa.* Alright you are all set for some classes! But if you want some help privately, come by the house outside of class okay? *The native woman offered as she looked to the girls waiting nearby.* The days getting late, but at least we finally got a new sign up! are you all waiting for a lunch break?