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Thread: July Member of the Month 2021

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    Default July Member of the Month 2021

    It's that time again...hmmm, how do I want to do this?

    This month's winner is a relative newcomer, having only joined the site in June. However, since arriving they have gotten busy solving Mysteries in the Neighbourhood with their partner in crime (no pun intended) Maya Qwan! They have also been continuing the investigative theme by steadily plugging away in the Creative Corner, chronicling the strange case of Ebert and the Mysterious Encounters and Finds.

    Speaking as someone who has attempted both, writing alone is much harder than writing in a pair or group where you have another writer(s) to motivate and inspire you, so credit is definitely due!

    Recently they have branched out into collaborative RPs, including a fantasy adventure with a twist: The Adventures of the Mixed and Messed Up. This RP explores a traditional Dungeons-and-Dragons-esque world by way of Freaky Friday, and is definitely worth a read!

    Perhaps it isn't surprising that our MOTM would pick a D&D like world for their first foray into group RPing, as it is one of their favourite things - it's even in their name!

    So based on these clues, who do you think is our Member of the Month for July 2021?

    Spoiler: It is of course… 
    Spoiler: My RP links 

    PM me for novelised versions of any of my RPs, or ones that I have participated in. Set by the awesome Karma.

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    Hells yeah, amazing choice and an amazing gif to represent!

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    It is impressive to me that recognition is given to my contribution in this forum site for this month. I had not expected the honor for it. It is pleasing to know this. There is also a promising thread I like being involved in additionally, But I write indeed really wanting to know there are those liking what they read, which I have written. I value that and it encourages me. When there are errors in my writing that I can then see, I work then to do better with avoiding the mistakes again. Feedback is always good for any of the writing.

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    Congrats GodlyD&D!! Enjoy the month of being snazzy silver!! You deserve it!

    Go vote for RPA!!


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