"Hmm." The sound of thought escaped her lips, Marienna began to pace along a narrow path. Each and every foot fall was exact and measured, never a tremble. "Isn't this quite the mystery, eh?" In the cool of the cave, underneath those lights which buzzed seemingly in rhythm with the generator, Marienna could feel at peace. No prying eyes. "If I were a devious terrorist..." Though Marienna understood full well that Corwin was close by, it didn't seem to stop her from talking to herself, or perhaps simply out loud. Trying to solve a problem, that was something she could be quite good at.

As she spoke, she moved toward the rest of the empty containers and scanned them. "What would I do with everything but the frame of a speeder... and..." Marienna waited patiently for the inventory to populate and identify the item in detail on her hand held device "fertilizer." There was an obvious conclusion, a bomb of some kind... perhaps. Though that seemed almost a little too obvious. "Interesting." Marienna continued to pace. The way she carried herself now is the way she would in front of her most trusted droid. A way she had never really let humans or other life forms see before.

"But why steal it? From us?" It was the latter half of the sentiment that seemed most salient. "The stuff is all over the planet, readily accessible. What benefit would that be? I mean... pissing off the Empire? Sure. But why..." It was in that moment she put something together, though it might not be correct. "The composition. Imported soil from the Empire is a more volatile compound than what is naturally produced here. Also, a box of dirt, you can hide things in a box of dirt..." Marienna stopped pacing and turned to Corwin.

"They look like us, or they can. They can walk in and steal anything they want at almost any time, assuming they did a little bit of research... What if we can't stop this? Or predict this? Instinct says, they'll hit where it hurts, barq production. So the processing plant... destroying the fields themselves would be pointless as they still need to have something in the absence of Imperial control."

Marienna sighed, and threw her hands up for a moment in mock defeat before resting them once more at her sides. "They wouldn't stand a chance taking on the outpost, they'd never survive."