(A foreword. This is not meant to be a political post and will not get into the intricacies of firearms laws and regulation. It is intended to be an informational resource for individuals to improve their understanding and knowledge of firearms for the purposes of realistic and detailed roleplay.)

Firearm: : a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder —usually used of small arms.

Here is a quick rundown for people with no prior knowledge.

Firearms is a broad category that encompasses pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, carbines, PDW's, muzzle loaders, machineguns and other traditionally explosive or propellent operated weapons.

Modern firearms use cartridges filled with propellent, and sealed with a projectile and primer rendering them relatively weather resistant. Most are fed from magazines, though some feed from metal clips, belts, strips, and hoppers.

Some rookie mistakes to avoid.
Almost all modern firearms feed from magazines, not clips.
Guns are artillery and cannons.
Firearms shoot bullets, but are loaded with cartridges or ammunition.

Feel free to ask me anything regarding firearms! I would be more than happy to answer!