Hi there! I'm Galaxxies! But you can call me Dylan, too. I just joined this site and I'm searching for some 1x1 roleplay partners! I am currently only looking for one partner with a specific plot and character I have.

Current plot and character overview:
F/F anthro/furry Princess and Knight forbidden love Aventure!

A bit about me first though! I am in my mid 20's and currently working a full-time job. I tend to reply once a day. Sometimes I do more, sometimes it's only every other day, but I strive for at least once a day(if you think I have forgotten, give me a lil poke!! Sometimes I actually have forgotten). I tend to post around a paragraph or two at a time. I also tend to write in 3rd person. Rarely, with specific character's I'll do first person, but that will be stated from the get-go. I also do not participate in any sexual roleplaying with my characters. A time skip or a fades to black is what I will use. I am not open to any debate or negotiation on this at all.

Everything about me above, I do kinda ask the same of you. Striving for one reply a day. Writing in 3rd person. Around 1-2 paragraphs per post. I also ask that if you regularly write more than 2-3 paragraphs during normal dialog, please skip me. Doing more during intros and world-building is okay, and I will do the same there as well. I would like to see a bit about your character and a sample post from you as well. Just so I know if we will mesh well together.

Now to my plot and character!!
This is the character I will use for this plot I have.
Below is the plot I have in mind for this:
The plot I have in mind is a princess and a knight type of story. Forbidden love and all that wonderful jazz. Your character would be a princess of a kingdom. She is set to take the throne after her father. Before she can do that, she has been set with the task of traveling to all the nearby kingdoms to meet possible princes to marry. She is going to all the kingdoms in an effort to learn more about dealings outside her own kingdom. Each kingdom can have different perks to offer her if she chooses their prince to make the king of her kingdom. In comes my Knight. Your character will have a band of guards to join her on her travels. But, her father is demanding that she pick a personal guard to never leave her side. However, you want to go about it is up to you. She can be against it but agrees so she can travel and see more than her kingdom. She can be completely for it. That's up to you. As they do travel though, the two start to fall for each other and have to make a time of keeping their feelings secret first from each other, and later from everyone else. Eventually, they will return home and we can add onto that more when that happens.

If you'd like to do this plot with me and Natalia, feel free to drop me a PM! We can work out the details there!