The ten people of Envoban had gladly left the overbearing oppression of the new leader there, with the excuse that an alliance was needed with the Horoa People across the wide land of desolation, which Envoban had neglected a long time in which it was in competition with the Findderlan society neighboring them across the expanse of ridges, for more power with military forces being built up.

The ten had traveled a long way walking far the first day, putting Envoban behind them. It had been wide open space with many grassy areas interrupted with stony mounds or deep ridges. Ahead they now saw a treeline of a large forest, which they would have to cross.

Galafron was the one looked to by the others for leading among them, as he in his upper thirties was older than the others, still with great strength of body, and he had traveled out of Envoban previously. His idea was for them to set up camp in a spot he found some way before the forest still ahead of them. That forest should wait to be crossed on the next day. There were three more days to continue on their journey, to come to the Horoa People, who inhabited the great holey mound by themselves, as defense against hostility of inhabitants of the desolation.

These ten are people who will learn to be of help to each other in need as they encounter what they will along the way.