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Thread: Soldiers without purpose. (SwP)

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    "Come, I'll bring you." As he gestured to come with him.

    As he walked backstage, you could see everyone busy preparing themselves for the show.
    You could see Selphie directoring in the middle.
    Ivern walked towards her, and started with "Excuse my Selphie, Stony here would like to help with the show."

    She turns around to face them.

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    Stony almost let out a gasp. He recognized this woman was one of those two he had caught sight of hitting Ivern on the head. And he answers to her? Why did Ivern put up with that? But Stony was aware that it would be much better right now to not say anything about it. He could wait to see what help she would think of for him. But he suspected that in any case he was not going to like her.

    "I came to be of some help here, just as I came to train to be a help in the forces for defense. Maybe there is still something needing the help, here."

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