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Thread: The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God [M - Hannelorian x DuchessLivilla]

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    Arabella listened intently as Alexandra spoke, absorbing each and every word of it. There was something amazing about how quickly the Princess could recall each and every detail of the history of the Hospital and how it was run. There was so much that her sister knew that she did not. It was something of a breath of fresh air. Perhaps for too long Arabella had let her faith blind her, and act as an excuse not to pursue knowledge that could have better prepared her, alas, here she was, at least with the assistance of another.

    "When this is all over, and you become Queen..." To say that Arabella had not imagined this would be a lie. Granted, Arabella never truly wanted the Crown, but now she wore it, and for the first time had an opportunity to do good. "You will be everything I am not. A true paragon." The smile that had rested upon her face slowly faded. "I pray the people will simply remember that I loved them." Just then it felt all the world had faded into nothingness and left the two sisters together, not even the absent minded stare of Jesus to intervene. It was just Arabella and Alexandra, like it was always meant to be.

    "Of course, I shall get no such favor until I fulfil my end of the bargain." Arabella piped up, being brought back to her rather grim reality, the marriage that trapped her, the beast that stalked her, pouncing at every moment deemed convenient for him. "I imagine there are but two things His Majesty prays for on his pilgrimage. That I fall pregnant with a male heir. And that you meet an untimely and gruesome end." Arabella sighed and looked down, her eyes running along the floor, rather filthy as it was. "My beloved husband has made it abundantly clear, I am to give him a son or die in the act."

    The thought, rather dark sat heavy on her mind for a moment. "Unless of course, I can convince him there is no greater show of devotion than to care for these children. Surely God could not see me acting so motherly, so longingly and still deny me the child I am due. I only pray the deed is already done, and I am merely waiting the signs." Another smile as Arabella now rested her hands upon her flat stomach, only a hope and prayer between herself and salvation. "So, that's the plan then. I convince the King to cede control to me, everything. I'll dispose of the current proprietors and let them pray to God for the His mercy."

    The Queen once more cast her eyes over toward the cross and Christ upon it. "I'll put an end to this suffering. But in the mean time, we should take our leave. We've had enough of this tragedy for one day. I do not think our hearts could take much more of this. Shall we ladies?" Arabella stood, now looking to Alice who nodded quietly in agreement. "We shall use the laws against them, and then we will see who is laughing last."
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    Alex crossed to her sister and drew her close, leaning in until her forehead touched Bella's, her hands on her arms. "Do not doubt yourself, sister. Ever. The people, the real and true people of this land, not the nobles and courtiers, see us for what we really are, and they love you, for yourself and your goodness. You have won their love easily, and I doubt you shall lose it, no matter what happens. Hold onto that. Preserve, as long as you can, the flowers of the crown."

    She stepped back and squeezed her sister's gloved hand. "Despite what everyone believes, I pray, daily, for that as well, sister. You, more than anyone, deserve the gift of motherhood..." Of course, Bella was already a mother, but only in name and only in the past, as far as her husband was concerned. One day, maybe, she could hold her first-born and be mother but for now, it was too dangerous.

    "But yes, that may be your best course. Appeal to his piety. I cannot, whatever my feelings, disagree that the King certainly has that in abundance. If shall believe you, if you voice that while here, you felt called, by God, to do good works here, in order to be blessed."

    The Princess looked too, at the giant cross with it's sad-eyed Jesus upon it. "I wonder what you, who told us to love all and be kind, would make of this new world?" She thought sadly before turning away to follow her sister out of the grim chapel.

    They found the warden and his little group waiting in the corridor beyond, all looking very pleased with themselves. He came up and beamed. "Ah, Your Majesty, I trust you found peace in your prayers? I thought we might tour some of the girl's classrooms, so you can see our education program at work. I do believe we have trained many young girls who have gone on to serve in perhaps even your own home! We produce only the best of servants, as well as many Sisters of Mercy, and of course, wives and mothers."

    He glanced at his own wife then back, smiling still. "I also thought that Her Highness, especially," he gestured to Alexandra, "Would be most pleased to visit our nursery where our youngest residents stay before they are sent to foster homes in the country, until the age of five."

    Alexandra, as adept as her sister at this 'game', smiled, as if she could think of nothing she would rather do. "Oh, that sounds wonderful. Nothing is more precious than children, I am sure the Queen would agree. They are, after all, our future and must be nurtured with kindness and care."

    "I could not agree more, Your Highness," the warden replied, nodding, entirely missing the irony it seemed.
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