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Thread: The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God [M - Hannelorian x DuchessLivilla]

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    The doors shut behind the Queen and Graves as they abandoned the dining room. The foul poison, the acid from the snake had been enough. Arabella was incensed in most ways.

    "I will kill him. I must kill him." Graves looked down, his words had such a depth of anger, he could not, or would not tolerate his mistress being spoken to in such a regard. How could he say such awful things? And do so, so openly? Without so much as a single fear in the world? Nikolai was truly a beast.

    "Enough." Arabella raised her hand and turned to face Graves now. Her face drew long, and deathly serious. "To react is to give him what he wishes." The Queen nodded and exhaled deeply. "We have to remember what he said, he isn't here for me... and that is very much the truth." Arabella was now even more concerned then she had been. Perhaps she had underestimated the threat. "If he can hurt me along the way he will, that's easy... but Alex... Now that's how you start a war." Arabella lowered her voice and along with her loyal companion and moved to begin the business of their day.

    However something did dawn on Arabella, something she had never truly considered before. The Queen had never thought to seize the throne for herself and her unborn son, assuming she would successfully deliver a child and he was a healthy boy. Arabella did not want to rule, she did not want a life of horrific corruption for her child... but the thought was enough to convince her of one thing... if everything went to hell, that could be her last bargaining chip. Give Arabella what she demands she'll step aside...

    To that end as the pair walked, Arabella stopped outside the doors of the great council chamber. Outside flanking each door was one of the King's guard. Arabella stood there facing the both of them, her hands folded before her neatly. Graves standing behind her silently. It were as though she were frozen in time. The two guards seemed perplexed at first and one hesitated to break the rules, never speak unless spoken to.

    "Your Majesty." One spoke up bowing deeply to the Queen, the other following shortly after. "Can we help you with something ma'am?" He seemed afraid to ask, as they all did.

    Arabella seemed to snap to when she was addressed. The Queen smiled and shook her head. "No, not at all. I was just lost in thought, but something remotely worthy of bothering His Majesty with!" Arabella laughed softly and shook her head. "Apologies my good men, as you were." Arabella seemed to dismiss them in good spirits and moved on from there.


    Arthur was in a general state of disbelief. Christian was acting normal, like a loving father was supposed to act. He was kind and complimentary, he referred to Alexandra as one of the best women in the land and Arthur could not believe it. How could he? He had spent so many months, near on the better part of year ranting and railing against his wife. And now he was suddenly a doting father in law?

    "Yes, Alexandra prides herself greatly on her charitable works. It has been the only annoyance of her pregnancy, she has been unable to be as active in person as she would have liked." Arthur smiled softly. His wife was so giving, she would give every last piece of herself if needs must until there was nothing of herself left. "Though I see mother has taken over patronage of the Foundling Hospital." Arthur was determined to be as kind to his father in return, best not spoil the mood, certainly not during a holiday.

    "Alex was hoping mother would. The two of them were so distressed by the state of the place and those foul owners. Grandmother would have been on the warpath had she'd still been alive to see it." Yes, his darling strong grandmother, the woman who was the man his grandfather could not be. And to be clear, the only mother Arthur spoke of today was Arabella. "As for the Christening... I was hoping to do so here. Just as I was. It seems rather fitting to keep up with family traditions." Arthur wanted everything enshrined as it should be while his father was in a good mood. To keep up with time tested royal traditions would ever further prove who his son was, and who he was meant to be.
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    The King shook his head. "Yes..." that he did regret the state of the hospital. Not for the children's sake, no, but for the ruin of his mother's legacy. Christian, like many men of his time, was of the view that women fell into two categories; whores and angels. His mother and wife were angels, his ex-wife and daughter-in-law were whores. Of course, to him, and those like him who believed such nonsense, a woman did not have to be immoral or even put a foot wrong to be a whore...It was enough that she did not worship the man or say 'how high' when he said jump.

    As such, he held his mother in high regard and cherish her memory -or so he thought, really he had done little to champion her causes- and now he felt a twinge of guilt for having let her project fall to ruin. Something else he had to fix. Or rather...

    "I have total faith in the Queen that she will set it to rights as it was when my dear mama was in control. In fact, I shall make sure the funding is doubled, to match what Her Majesty has put in. No child shall go hungry there again."

    Naturally, as if controlled via a switch, the Lords nodded and thumped the table in agreement. Most likely, in reality, only a handful of them cared either way. Not that it mattered; a good deed was a good deed. Or would have been, had Christian not rather spoiled it with his next quip.

    "Besides," he chuckled, "The Hospital provides our future soldiers, priests and maids...We cannot have sickly help!"

    Everyone laughed or nodded, aside from Arthur.

    The King took no notice however and returned back to the talk of the baptism. "Yes, St. George's chapel. A fine place for it, and a nice continuation. I wonder if Cardinal Black is still possessed of all his facilities; he baptised you, it would be a rather amusing addition to have him now baptise your own son. Of course, it may be beyond him. He was already in his fifties when you were born...Well, if not, you shall have the choice of man for the job."

    He mused on this for a moment then smiled, "The Queen is planning to begin work on a new chapel in St. George's, dedicated to the Virgin, I shall tell her and the workmen not to begin until after the new arrivals have had their day. It would not do to have the beauty of the setting marred by scaffolds and brick dust! Johns," he glanced behind him, "Go and tell the Master of Works to delay my wife's plans for a time, and then send someone to tell her too. She shall, of course, understand."

    The servant bowed and hurried out to do his task.

    "Now..." Christian toyed with the chain of his pocket watch, "What else was there...Ah, Christmas," he smiled. "I have arranged a number of festivities for us this coming season, it being our first family Christmas all together for some time but I am happy to hear your suggestions of what we might do. The Queen has told me so many tales of the fun she and her sister used to have as children...It might be pleasant to re-enact some of them for them, as a treat."


    The young Duke of Kent, new husband and very much a fool in love, lay awake, propped up on the headboard, an arm behind his head, staring down at his sleeping bride. She was fast asleep, her head resting on his bare chest, a hand upon his stomach, just above the sheet. He had been gazing at her for nigh on fifteen minutes now but felt no desire to move nor wake her. He couldn't reach his pocket watch, left lying on the bedside table without waking her, but he assumed, from the level of bustle beyond their windows that it was well into the morning.

    Still, he made no move to shift and merely smiled to himself, letting his eyes drift close. Beyond the bedroom, he heard his manservant and likely Alice's maid, tidying and setting up the breakfast things that would be delivered. By now in their trip, their staff knew their habits and that neither rose early at the moment.

    Why should they? They were on their honeymoon and on days when nothing was planned, it was their right to lie in bed late and talk of nothing or everything.

    Still, he did want to show Alice ruins he had seen last time he had been here and they were best seen before noon. He opened his eyes and looked down, smiling fondly before gently stroking her shoulder, " is time to greet the day..." he teased softly. "Perhaps there is post from England," he added, knowing she always looked forward, eagerly, to news of the Prince and Princess.

    Honeymoon and distance of post notwithstanding, both women had made it a mission to write to each other as much as possible.
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