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Thread: Searching for friends

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    Default Searching for friends

    Edit: I should specify that this is 1x1 here, preferred. I don't have any specific plot ideas or anything planned. Just looking for players who are interested.

    Hey! I used to be an active rper here. It's been a while, but I'm back. And I'd like to start with a fanfic rp. To get me back into things.

    My favorite fandoms are: Stargate. Star wars. Star Trek. Doctor Who. Supernatural.

    That's a really short list. But I am a fan of a lot of different things. Mostly fantasy and science fiction. I especially enjoy crossovers. Usually supernatural, with something else. But I'm flexible. Post here if you're interested!!
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    Hi Katrin! I know that @Kach; and @Hannelorian; are currently running a Star Wars story, maybe one of them would be interested? @Maya Qwan; is also a Star Wars fan if she is still around.
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