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    Yeah, we also use Discord to video call rather than the voice chat built into Roll20. Skype is actually slightly better as you can have the camera window in a corner of your Roll20 screen, whereas if you’re using Discord you have to switch tabs if you want to see anyone, but Discord seems to give one of our players a better connection than Skype.
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    I've played using Discord for theater of the mind play and using Roll 20 for the maps. D&D Beyond really wants you to buy the online reference information, so mostly I depend on 5e Tools instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azazeal849 View Post
    I’ve only used Mythweavers once, so I might not have the full experience, but to me it appeared to be just a fillable form that did some basic calculations for you, and looks to be more intended for printing off for tabletop use than for use as an online tool.
    It is about the fillable forms, and with practice you can switch between the windows when you need to take a peek at your stats.

    They also have forums where you can discuss different games.
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