Iperanton had to work at the triggering fast, as these rotmonsters were moving fast, though without apparent legs it did not appear that they would. They already reached this road where the riders with their urban camels were, while Iperanton still worked at triggering his device. And then one of the rotmonsters was teleported this time. One was still there, coming right toward the riders. The urban camels were ready to bolt back along the way they had come, and these mounts could still go faster. But the riders needed to go on forward, and this remaining rotmonster had to be dealt with too instead of remaining loose. As Iperanton still worked the same way for his device to work on this one, Jaydeen in the elfin body and Galvishar, and Lucion and Trysina in each other's bodies, stayed by him ready with their blade weapons out, to make a defense against the tentacles that it would use to throw down or strangle.

One tentacle reached for Iperanton right away as soon as that rotmonster had come close enough. He continued with his triggering method as Jaydeen struck out with a swiping movement at it near the tip where it came so close to Iperanton. That tentacle withdrew as another just was reaching at Jaydeen. But Trysina in Lucion's body struck with her weapon on that tentacle, which the rotmonster then waved angrily. It reached out with three other tentacles, as Iperanton finished that triggering session. That rotmonster was suddenly gone from there, sent to where Iperanton had said he sent the other ones.

Those five were gone. But four others that had turned to go the other way were now far along that way further from them, on the way to the community further on from there.