They all watched the half giant form with the elfin mind of Nissa as she walked slowly along the road leading to the gate into Quadick from the distance, though at a faster pace than apparent with the great strides as a half giant than a normal size human disabled the same way would have. But time went on as she came just a little closer.

The soldier who was going to close the gate said, "Enough! This is already taking long enough, we have already been fighting against assault and attempted invasion, and this gate needs to be closed, that we can have our rest. She is big, she should be fine out there."

Iperanton said, "Are you kidding? You want the gate closed because of possible monsters and you don't want to battle anymore. She has battled one of those creatures, and injured in the course of that, and you think she will be fine while you have to have the gate closed for what you fear? Hold on! I will use my instrument, that should have power of teleportation to bring her here. It is just a little more complicated than sending someone or something further away with using teleportation."

The soldier and the others watched Iperanton as he used elaborate gestures with the instrument as he had learned to do, speaking enigmatic sounds with that, more than his traveling companions had heard before. He stopped then, and said, "I hope this is working."