Arapegol had to remember what he had learned of these, many years ago, without giving them further thought since. These were rare creatures. One of each has in its head is a large sparkling gem, which is inherently part of the animal. One will come near to a small group of people, and can use the capacity of telepathy the creature might have to communicate to them. Obtaining the gem would have it turn to worthless dust if the creature dies. To further complicate matters, they can will themselves to die and have no fear or concept of death. It would take careful coaxing by a personable wizard to get one to give up its gem willingly. These creatures were not hostile, but while they were not malevolent they were not really benevolent either.

Arapegol considered whether to come nearer and let the gem armadillo know of his presence. He might leave some distance from the group to do so.