Arapegol said, "But it still took you long to get here to reach us."

Gasha said, "Yes. That Big Hairy spoke at length though with not good use of our words about what sounded like an assassin team that hunted after that creature, though he made clear to us that even if he took things that could benefit him, usually food items, he was never harming any people. He appealed to us to help to not let them catch him. So we stayed a little while assuring this creature that we had nothing to do with those people after him. We were busy with having somewhere to go, after resting right there through the night, but if we found such a team that was looking for him, we would deal with those to stop them from continuing after him."

Klara who had her mind in Arapegol's original body asked, "As we are so low on coins, how are we going to have a place to stay here overnight, until we go on to find the amulet that will restore us and all the people affected?"

Arapegol said, "I have provided for that. Now that you are all here with us, I need to go to an appraiser in town, and then we can take care of that."