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Thread: [IC] Jeremy Kelly "Passion Kiss" Lightfoot's Pokemon Adventure is nigh. (Group RP)

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    At that point, Donald's Espeon sensed anomalies in Jeremy's brain waves. She had Donald text her concern to Jeremy. "My Espeon just sensed your mind going haywire then going back to normal activity. What happened?"

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    Wilford walked back to where the large men stood who were sent to subdue those from the Magma forces that went after these trainers he had found, to harass them.

    Jackwell said, "Wilford! Why do you look despondent?"

    "Well, I was out there going to a booth. I don't know what has been happening here. You know, I came with these trainers to help them, as I saw they would have need of. But I have not been able to help them. They just brought me along, and now I find out I need help myself, instead. And when I tried talking to one I came with I don't get answered anyway. I don't even know how to ask for the help it was shown I should ask for."

    "What are you talking about? You had us sent who will deal with it effectively, because you went and saw the need. I can only guess, but if you think you have it revealed to you that there is help you need that you should ask for, besides what you call Central for, you can try asking for it at the Temple of Answers, which is in very many cities. It is where many claim to get answers for what they ask. If you would get the answer you would need it should be certain with asking there, I think it would even be in this city."

    "But, what happened in here?"

    "It was a big explosion, it was smoky and dusty then, and it was not figured out easily who had won when that happened. And when it was mostly settling, one of the trainers was found lying on the ground motionless. He seemed dead to me because he didn't respond to those there. But after several minutes he got up. Medics were checking on him, he was then taken from here."

    "So, it was one of the trainers! This is dangerous business they are involved in!"

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