As that song and the lip-syncing dance came toward its end, Wilford looked over toward the team standing close by, still with the draped item that would be a weapon among them. Wilford saw that it would not be needed here, though he had believed those from the Magma forces would come here to trouble the team he came with, as they had been doing a few times since he had joined with those on the team. This meant that as he continued with them, those men sent with the weapon to deal with those from the Magma forces would also come along, until they dealt with those of the Magma forces that they would no longer be any trouble again.

And that great half ton gorilla that was psychic? Wilford saw that the gorilla should come along as well. After the hostile group was finished, then he could be free to go find where this item he had taken which was used for making breaks in the continuum had been taken from, to return it and have help in returning Ishmael, the gorilla, to his home again.