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Thread: [IC] Jeremy Kelly "Passion Kiss" Lightfoot's Pokemon Adventure is nigh. (Group RP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Davy View Post
    With the need for speed in mind, Donald hatched a plan to eat up the needed miles. "Guys, if you have any Pokémon that can get us there faster, now might be a good time to get their help," he stated.
    Jeremy: we don't have any on us. We're gonna have to take a ferry. The nearby docks has a ship that is heading to where we're going.

    Sandy: It's gonna only mean that it will be a while before we reach Chicago... but the main thing is that we're gonna hit Chicago and help the Gym Leader get her gym back.

    Randy: That's right. I mean... we could always fly our way there... but that'd make it way too easy. Besides i am sure we would all be thinking the same thing that... traveling and journeying in order to get there... is half the fun. If we were to just fly... we'd be more than likely missing out on catching some very interesting pokemon.

    Jessie: You know. He has a point. We should try to use other means... not just resort to flying just to get to where we need to go all the time.

    Abigail: We could still perhaps have our flying pokemon fly up and scan the land ahead... looking for anything that doesn't appear right.

    Marcie: Hmm... that's a great idea. My Dragonite Madonna just loves recons. She would look for any chance to go on one.

    Jeremy: *Looking to see a ship* There's a ship. The S.S St. Angela. It's said to be a rather swift sailing ship. Taking scenic routes to ensure the most enjoyable experience for any traveler. It's not that fast... it's a 4 day ride. But... the trip will be so so worth it. Who knows... maybe we'll get lucky and wind up with some good items. The ship could have a couple of Poke Marts on it. So... we can easily restock on what we need.

    Sandy: *Grins* Sounds good to me.

    Lisa: What're we waiting for? Let's go.

    It was on to the ship. It was gonna slow them down due to it being a 4 day trip. However... with what they were to have in mind... it was sure to be well worth it...

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    It pained Donald to admit it, but he knew they had a point. He hoped the Chicago police had a handle on the crisis at the gym. He, Reuben and Ray all boarded the ship and started looking around. Donald's Espeon and Ray's Beheeyem scanned the surrounds for anyone looking to sabotage the journey across the great lake.

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