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Thread: The Golden Age of Piracy

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    Default The Golden Age of Piracy

    The year is 1716, one year following the War of the Spanish Succession of 1701-1715, which saw all major European powers march to war; the French and Spanish to preserve the union of their kingdoms following the death of the childless late King, Charles II of Spain, and the Grand Alliance of Britain, the Dutch Republic, and the Holy Roman Empire to enforce the partition of the two thrones, seeking to maintain the balance of power between rulers in Europe, placing it higher in the pecking order of importance than the dynastic rights which had governed means of succession for centuries. Following the end of the war, thousands of sailors - including privateers operating in the West Indies, sailing under letters of marque granted by their respective countries - found themselves relieved of military duty, and suddenly woefully unemployed, with no means of returning to their homelands half a world away. At the same time, unemployment was driving the poorer masses to work onboard merchantmen, for maritime trade at this time was quite a booming industry. However, this occupation was dull and dreary, and these sullen workers would often rather a life of piracy than that of mundanity suffered aboard those merchant ships. These factors culminated in the bringing forth of a golden age of piracy in the Caribbean and West Indies.

    Play as the captain of a merchant ship, or a warship, a privateer or a pirate. Carve your own path through the seven seas.

    You can play as one or more individuals -- I'll fill the role of Game Master, kinda like the DM in D&D, simulating the world around you and the actions and dialogue of the NPCs you encounter.

    This roleplay will likely be dark and violent at times. Adult themes might be touched upon, 'cus fair maidens.

    If there's more than one person interested, I'd for sure consider making this a group thing where one person plays capitano and others are their quartermaster and first mate n whatnot

    "...the true story of the pirates of the Caribbean is even more captivating; a long-lost tale of tyranny and resistance, a maritime revolt that shook the very foundations of the newly formed British Empire, bringing transatlantic commerce to a standstill and fueling the democratic sentiments that would later drive the American Revolution. At its center was a pirate republic, a zone of freedom in the midst of an authoritarian age." - Colin Woodard, the Republic of Pirates

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    Hi @kurth6255; welcome to the forum! Please have a quick read of our site rules, especially those regarding Mature RPs - and once that’s out the way, here are some more interesting links to help you find your way around:

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    Don’t be shy about PM-ing one of the moderators (green or purple names) if you have a question or need some help finding writing partners.

    And finally, if you like it here, please consider giving RPA your vote on the roleplay site rankings (you can vote every day!)
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