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Thread: The Retelling - Animorphs Interest Check

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    Default The Retelling - Animorphs Interest Check

    A downed fighter. A dying Andalite. A mysterious blue box that gives the power to morph. The Abomination, Visser III. The same beginning, different characters. The same war, different battles. Will you fight to defend your planet?

    Animorphs tells the story of five kids given the ability to morph into animals as the last effort of a dying alien to save Earth from the Yeerks: parasitic alien slugs that slither into your brain and enslave you, body and mind. With heavy emphasis on body horror, gruesome violence, and the brutality of war, the series holds a special place in my heart. Iím hoping to drum up some interest for a retelling of the story with the same basic plot, but with different characters.

    Basic knowledge of Animorphs would be appreciated, but is not required. Iím looking for at least 3 players.
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    actually does sound a little interesting.
    First I've heard of it, but almost sounds like power rangers, dino squad, and others if a bit more gruesome.
    we'll see
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