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Thread: Spittin' Facts, No Cap! :)

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    Default Spittin' Facts, No Cap! :)

    Hello! My name is Mickey. I've RPed in the past, on another site that is sadly now discontinued. Hopefully I will RP as long on this one and become just as involved as I did the last one. I took a little break from RPing, and I've missed it. I'm not a teen, or even in my twenties. Yes, some would consider me old. I have to give a few warnings that may scare some away:

    1. I don't watch anime. *cringe*
    2. I don't play D&D. *double cringe*
    3. I don't game. *shocked silence and then readers get ready to leave the page*

    WAIT!!! I have been writing for years, and RPing for quite a few years as well. So, even though I may not know the name of the games played, or what anime you are watching, I've been told I'm a pretty good story teller. (And confession: I want to play D&D... as soon as I learn how.)

    Some of my favorite types of story are fantasy, historical (like my own old dusty bones ), horror, romance, adventure, supernatural... the list goes on and on. I do have some issues with making outer space seem real in my writing, since I rarely wrap my brain around that kind of story, but I would give it a go.

    I love character creation and development, plot twists, comedy, surprises and challenges in the person writing with me. But no pressure. I can do simple stories as well, and might start out with that to get back in the groove. I believe collaboration is key, and might send a PM just to go over our thread and maybe see where we want to take it. Let's see.... there's probably more I need to add but I'll let you figure me out as time goes on. It's nice to meet you! And I hope I join a thread with you some time in the future.

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    Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here!
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning.


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