Tales of the Highland

The Romans have been beaten back, and general peace has spread across the land.
But the clans fight each other, either over land squabbles and feuds, else trying to beat each other to the king to claim the throne for their own.

The Anglo Saxon stay at the wall for now, but vikings continue to violate our lands and burn our towns.

And many a tail of fairy folk hiding among men, or secreting themselves in the forests.
Tails of people who never were, people gone missing, new arrivals, and strange pregnancies. Several deaths blamed on angry fey, or evil spirits.
And more of hidden places, where the fey go to meet and hide their treasures, and more secrets.

So, what will you do?
Will you go off to do battle with the vikings, or another clan?
Will you try your hand at trading with the Saxons?
Or will you go to find the fey?

Ok, so, yes, Scotland!
I do not expect this to be at all period or historically accurate.
And although I have interest, I don't really expect this to be entirely culturally accurate either.

But to get some idea, here's a history video

You are also free to look at any number of folk lore to help out.
(fun fact: Scotland had their own kitsune. Though not of the same name, they were beings that could go between fox and human forms. They were seen as wise and cunning)

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