I have several half angel characters and Fallen angel characters I am interested in getting into an RP. I don like romance and am open to romantic pairings. I have two male Fallen, 2 female Fallen, and three female Half Angels that I am willing to play around with. I have character photos and profiles for them and can give more details once a storyline has been nailed down. I do like to collaborate on the story line and while I am posting this for the idea, I do not want the story all one idea from one person and am open to ideas to make this fun and keep it going strong.

Fallen Males:
Adrian- Cousin to Alexander
Alexander- High Ranking Fallen

Fallen Females
Ainsley- Older twin to kinsley
Kinsley- Younger twin to ainsley

Half Angel Females
Alexis- Half sister to the archangel Michael. Trained by Gabriel as a Healer
Sage- Half sister to the archangel Azrael. Trained by Azrael as a Reaper
Noelle- Half sister to the archangel Gabriel. Trained by Rafael and Michael as a Warrior.